Division of Malaybalay City Holds 2014 DLTSSG

dltssgThe Division of Malaybalay City holds the 2014 Division Leadership Training for the Supreme Student Government Officers (DLTSSG), with the theme: Student Government for Academic Excellence and good governance”.  This training was initiated through the efforts of the Division federation of the Supreme Student Officers and Advisers in supervision of the Division EPS in Social Studies Mr. Ralph T. Quirog. The training was also made possible in cooperation with the City Government of Malaybalay who subsidized the food and the training venue as their counterpart in order to maximize the attendance of the student leaders.

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21st Century Teachers on K -12 Basic Education Program

21st century teachers1In preparation for the third year Kto12 Basic Education implementation, the Malaybalay City Division headed by Schools Division Superintendent Edilberto L. Oplenaria convened  all Grade Three teachers at Loiza’s Pavillion for the Division Mass Training last May 12 to May 16, 2014.

During the opening program, the Superintendent emphasized and requested all the participants to listen and focus on this 5-day Division Mass Training, because according to him the Department of Education spent a lot for this purpose and should be dished out to the different schools, in the poblacion or the farthest station of teachers.

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Agustin Nagwagi Ulirang Guro 2014

Ulirang Guro 2014Maligayang pagbati para kay Armando A. Agustin, guro ng Bukidnon National High School Malaybalay bilang isa sa mga nagwagi sa  Ulirang Guro 2014 na pinangungunahan  ng Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino  (KWF) alinsunod sa Memorandum Pangkagawaran Blg. 64, s. 2014 hinggil sa pagdiriwang sa Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa na may temang “Wika ng Pagkakaisa.”

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Problem Solving

We all get to meet different sorts of problem in our workplace, at home, or outside our comfort zone every day. Little by little, problems build up and slowly try to put us down. When time comes that we couldn’t handle these problems anymore, we tend to blame ourselves, and push ourselves into   depression, stress, and anxiety. We sometimes involve other people by putting the blame on  them just because we couldn’t solve problems on our own. Lucky for us, there are strategies and ways that we could use in order to solve problems; not with pens and papers, but with our own attitude and own perspective.

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The Power of Our Thoughts

Thoughts are so powerful, it could make us happy and sad, make us feel okay and then not. Thoughts live inside our head. It controls us, although we could control it. It make us do what we don’t have to do, say what we shouldn’t say, or hear what we don’t want to hear. Thoughts control our emotion, and sometimes it builds tension and pressure inside us. But how can we prevent it from destroying our lives? Or can we really have control of our own thoughts?

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Molders of the 21st Century Learners

What is in store for the children in the future?  One thing is definite, in the hands of our young children, is the future of the country.

Today, through the mighty minds of teacher our children can be catalysts for the solution of the problems that baffle us. As we go on with our endeavors for the 21st century. With the problems of poverty, insurgency, social discrimination, graft and corruption, have the tools to inform, educate and enlighten the citizenry. Can combat all the odds that tend to negate and undermine the well-being of our country.

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Readers Today are Leaders Tomorrow

library hub1The drive towards a functionally literate society is an ongoing national effort.  Hence, Dep-ED being the educational arm of the government took the challenge.   In 2003, the Department of Education (DepED), through the office of the Undersecretary for Finance and Administration, launched the Library Hub Project as one of its innovative initiatives. This project aims to develop the love for and habit of reading among public school pupils and students through building a warehouse of supplementary reading materials called the Library Hub.

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Updating of LIS BOSY 2014-2015

The Planning and Research Section of DepED, Malaybalay City Division conducted its Orientation on the Updating of Learners Information System (LIS) Learners Registry for the beginning of School Year 2014-2015 on June 17 to familiarize the school LIS coordinator on the cloud-based submission of enrolment data using LIS website.

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A Legacy – ‘Magtuon Kita Og Basa’ (Let’s Learn to Read)

magkaon kita og basa1What does it take to become a good teacher? What does it take to be called heroes by our pupils? Years of experience does not guarantee it neither would wealth and riches enable the teacher to give the learners the quality of education they deserve.

When the K to 12 Basic Education Program was launched, a lot of preparation was made by the Department of Education to make everyone ready for the biggest change in the curriculum. Grade 1 teachers and school heads were trained for a week and were given guides on how to go about with the classroom learning activities. During the seminar, questions and doubts on how effective the program is were answered. Teacher’s Guides were given yet the teachers found it insufficient to guide the children in learning to reading. Hence, it became very difficult for some of pupils to learn to read despite the use of the Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education.

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