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The challenged bag gold

A person with disability does not mean that one cannot perform a task or a job. It simply means that he is facing some challenges and limitations in life that others may not experience. [Wikipedia defines disability as impairment that maybe cognitive, developmental, intellectual, mental, physical, and sensory or some combination of these. According to Natalie Boyd, person’s disability is the limit or challenges one faces.] Continue reading The challenged bag gold

Bukidnon NHS pioneers of the K to 12 copes with global standard

The Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 or Republic Act No. 10533 was signed into law on May 15, 2013. It mandated the implementation of the K to 12 Basic Education Program, the new learning program which was begun by the Department of Education as early as 2011 in the effort of making a change towards a better Philippines. Continue reading Bukidnon NHS pioneers of the K to 12 copes with global standard

Giving is Beneficial

Extending our arms to those in need without waiting for something in return is a fulfilling in-depth appreciation to serve our fellowmen. Giving denotes not only through financial means but it also entails the giving of support packages, specially to the children in public schools (e.g. school facilities, learning support, health and nutrition, reading program, technology support, direct assistance, training and development and assistive learning devices). Giving to those in need is beneficial, in such a way that it impels joy to those doing volunteer work. Continue reading Giving is Beneficial