Division Memoranda 2020

01-28-2020041Girl Scout of the Philippines Coordinator's Meeting
01-28-20200402020 International Friendship Exchange (INFEX) and DX Contest
01-28-2020039Girl Scout of the Philippines National Camp
01-27-2020038Secondary School Heads Conference
01-27-2020037Addendum and Corrigendum to Division Memorandum No. 028, s. 2020 re: Capability Building of Teachers on Special Education and on the Utilization of Multi-Factored Assessment Tool (MFAT)
01-24-2020036Change of Schedule of the Division Research Congress
01-24-2020035Program Implementation Review on DepED Order No. 10, s. 2016 "Policy and Guidelines for the Comprehensive Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Schools (WiNS) Program", DepED Order No. 13, s. 2017 "Policy and Guidelines on Healthy Food and Beverage Choices in Schools and in DepED Offices", and Integrated School Nutrition Model (ISNM) for School Clinic Teachers
01-24-2020034Result of 2020 Metrobank MTAP-DEPED Math Challenge Division Elimination Rounds and Schools Who Qualified for the Division Team Finals
01-24-2020033Division Roll-out on DAP-ELLN (Early Language Literacy and Numeracy)
01-24-2020032Feedbacking of On-line Submission of Data for Brigada Eskwela and Adopt-A-School Program
01-22-2020031Orientation on Opening of Accounts for CY 2020
01-21-2020030Revised Guidelines on Transfer of Teachers
01-21-2020029Participation to the Capability Building for Non-Teaching Employees in Schools
01-20-2020028Capability Building of Teachers on Special Education and on the Utilization of Multi-Factored Assessment Tool (MFAT)
01-16-2020027Participation to BSP Course for Managers in Learning (CML)
01-16-2020026Updating of School Brigada Eskwela Coordinators and School Partnership Focal Person SY 2019-2020
01-16-2020025Addendum and Corrigendum to Division Memorandum No. 023, s. 2020 re: Division Rollout on Pedagogical Retooling in Teaching Mathematics, Languages and Science (PRIMALS)
01-15-2020024Consultative Session with Community and School Heads on IPED Programs and Projects
01-14-2020023Division Rollout on Pedagogical Retooling in Teaching Mathematics, Languages and Science (PRIMALS)
01-14-2020022Participation to BSP Rover/Roverette Orientation, Community Service and Tree Planting
01-14-2020021Conduct of Monitoring, Evaluation and Adjustment (MEA)
01-13-2020020Orientation on the Preparation of the Year End Assessment
01-13-2020019Personnel Development Committee (PDC) of Malaybalay City Division
01-10-2020018Submission of Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth (SALN) as of December 31, 2019
01-10-2020017Announcement of Vacancy for Public Schools District Supervisor Position
01-10-2020016Submission of Application for Transfer in this Division
01-10-2020015Designation of the Division Review and Evaluation Committee (DREC) of the Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth (SALN) Form
01-10-2020014Submission of Updated Personal Data Sheet (PDS)
01-10-2020013Submission of Names of Teachers who are Planning to Retire on 2021
01-10-2020012Request for the Conduct of Quality Assurance, Monitoring and Evaluation for Trainings and Seminar-Workshops
01-10-2020011ALS First Quarter Meeting
01-10-2020010Three-Day Live-in Skills Training for the ALS Learners in the Division of Malaybalay City
01-08-2020009Participation to the QMS Awareness: An Orientation-Workshop
01-07-2020008Dissemination of Regional Memorandum No. 818, s. 2019 re: Implementation of Absolute Ban on Distribution, Sale, Offering, and Use of E-Cigarettes and Tobacco Products in All DepEd Premises and Activities
01-07-2020007Planning Conference for District Math/MTAP Coordinators and Math Department Chair
01-03-2020006Division Enhancement Training of Kindergarten Teachers
01-02-2020005Submission of FY 2018 DepEd Computerization Program (DCP) Documents
01-02-20200042020 Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge
01-02-2020003Submission of School-Based Feeding Program Terminal Report for SY 2019-2020
01-02-2020002Dissemination of DepEd Order No. 36, s. 2019 re: Guidelines on the Implementation of School-Based Feeding Program - Milk Feeding Program Component
01-02-2020001Orientation on the Milk Feeding Component of School-Based Feeding Program (SBFP) and Program Implementation Review

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