Joys and Pains of a Clerical Job

Achievement of ones work is not only measured by happiness or satisfying results but also for every drop of painful experience that one has conquered. As a quote says, “Do not count the drop of success that you have achieved but count the number of challenges that strengthened your attitudes and developed your good qualities as an achiever”. This quote counts a lot for the joys and pains that one can encounter in doing clerical jobs. Continue reading

Rekindling Patience on Clerical War

Patience is the best weapon to fight against war on clerical jobs. We tend to meet plenty of challenges that need immediate action to achieve a fulfilling remark from our clients. Others think that our task is easy. But they do not know that behind that simplicity of our work, we fight for excellence of service. Continue reading

Record Keeping: A Great Responsibility

Record keeping is a great responsibility. This requires patience and perseverance. One has to put records in its proper place for easy access. A document has to be placed in a folder properly labelled based on the content. In most cases folders or record books are alphabetically arranged in shelves.  This manner of records keeping has been practiced for decades. It has been the manner done in a record section of an office. Continue reading

Taste the Pudding

pudding“The best way to taste the pudding is in the eating” as shared by Mr. Edilberto L. Oplenaria, Schools Division Superintendent of Malaybalay City during   the opening program of the 2016 English Language Extravaganza and Read-A-Thon Division Level at Bangcud Central School, Bangcud, Malaybalay City on November 29.

The event is compared to tasting the pudding as the best way to test the quality and ability of the students based on their interests provided through the various events in the competition. The competition then is the paramount means to select the cream to represent in the higher level of the race of which contestants will experience winning and losing. Continue reading

War on Worms (WOW)

dscn0305“Health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of – a blessing that money cannot buy.” Izaak Walton.

How could we say that our young learners are endomed  with blessings that money can’t buy when  perennial health problems precariously situated them and put them at the-risk of absenteeism, dropping out and non-performance in school due to some intestinal worms? Stomach pain and gas that causes discomfort, severe diarrhea and dysentery, breath that smells bad, constant feelings of hunger, dark circles under the eyes, bad dreams or restless sleep at night, anemia, headaches, loss of weight, extremely tired and exhausted, fever, irritability, increased feelings of anxiety and nervousness. These are the serious symptoms of intestinal worms that rob the soundness of body, mind and spirit of our young children. Continue reading

Essentials of Health Care

Manolito, a Grade VI pupil, is absent from the class today. His excuse letter says he suffers from toothache and that he needs to see a dentist and take a rest. Elsa, third grader, has been out from class since last week. Her mother informed the teacher through text message that she has stomach ache.

To address the problem on absenteeism, poor academic performance, high drop-out rate, and malnutrition among public school pupils, Department of Education teamed up with Colgate Palmolive Philippines in its program called Essential Health Care Program (EHCP) supported by the League of Provinces of the Philippines. Continue reading

CCS bags EETA national excellence award

eeta1“Be an interested and sensitive innovator mindful of the needs and interests of the learners.”- a tagline used by Casisang Central School to represent the school’s “The Innovation To Make Innovation Program”. It helped make Casisang Central School one of the six 2016 Excellence in Educational Transformation Award (EETA) national awardees held last June 21 at Dolphy Theater, ABS-CBN compound, Quezon City. Continue reading

Integrity on paper

Schools have their annual allocation for their maintenance and other operating expenses. Most schools receive their quarterly allotment while some schools with big allocations receive their allotment bi-monthly. These funds are released to the school through downloading of the funds in their respective checking accounts.

Usually, the biggest chunk of the school’s fund is intended for the procurement of office and school supplies. These supplies are determined after the School Improvement Plan has been prepared and approved. Continue reading