Electronic online processing of payment

Online processing is an automated way of uploading, updating and processing data consistently. It is very efficient and it produces complete and accurate data of reports. It runs an inventory report at any time of the day.

Information technology (IT) advancements have been at the center of a transformation in our work as we are required to use online system in paying Phil health, Pag-ibig, GSIS and BIR monthly remittances especially in the national agencies.

Circular 355 is in accordance with Republic Act No. 8792(E-Commerce Act 2000) which mandates all government-owned and controlled corporations to provide a method and manner of payment or settlement of fees and other obligations to the government through systems using electronic data messages or electronic documents. It is likewise in compliance with DBM Circular Letter No. 2013-16 dated December 2013, which requires the adaptation and implementation of the Expanded Modified Direct Payment scheme for the settlement of accounts payable due to creditor’s payees of all National Agencies and their operating units.

The DepEd Division of Malaybalay City is now adopting an online processing system, for payment of our monthly mandatory remittances. For Phil health remittance, the list request report is conveniently submitted over the internet by posting in their system using the Electronic Premium Remittance System (EPRS). This system provides accurate data and convenient in preparing reports which is portable since it can be done anywhere as long as Internet connection is available.

A web-based application system of GSIS is also being used to send its billing statements for premium and loan amortization electronically, and accept payments online through the Electronic Billing and Collection System (eBCS). The finance officer and the personnel officer remittance in charge used this system to review and check the updated data to be sent. This system ensures the seamless and efficient posting of payments, ultimately resulting in the accurate computation of the benefit proceeds of members.

In remitting monthly Tax Remittance Advice (TRA), the office uses the Electronic Filing and Payment System (eFPS). This is a system developed and maintained by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) for electronically filing tax returns, and paying taxes due. Through this system, online filing and payment of tax return is made easier and filing can be done at our own pace. Furthermore, preparation of checks for payment is no longer needed as payment is attached to an online facility.

Through electronic payment and collection facilities (EPCF), Deped Division of Malaybalay City is now enrolling to the eGov system in our preferred bank, the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) for payment of Pag-ibig remittances.

Daniel Willey quoted “I like to think of innovation as upgrading your current self. This upgrade helps you to more effectively deal with changes happening around you and to be able to think in a more complex manner than before”. It is a life changing aspect. It makes our work efficient, simplified, accurate and convenient. We can see how everyone is upgrading– from businessmen to employees, private to government agencies, have some various form of technology that people use for multiple reasons and purposes.

Administrative Assistant III