A Resilient Learners Today

No students in the history of education are like today’s modern learners. They are complex, tech savvy, energetic individual. They want to challenge, to collaborate, and to work with their peers and incorporate technology they loved into their classroom experience as they can. They have high set of expectations as their educators have on them.  They are aware of the ever-changing trends in society today.

Resilient learners have more opportunities in global education. Technology is a powerful learning tool at their reach that didn’t have before. It is a better tool to acquire effective knowledge to develop their unique abilities and talents.

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak resilient learners get through and overcome hardship like a scale that needs to balance both sides. In a span of time individual learns and creates strategies to adopt in the environment around them.

Reducing the source of stress in following the health care protocols, adopting the new normal implemented by authorities (wearing mask, social distancing, cleaning oneself and surrounding), is providing learners with technology (gadgets; laptop, smart phone, desktop computer) and access to internet connecting them to different online programs given by school administrators. By this interaction with unique ways and means the resiliency of learners is being developed.

Through supporting responsive relationship, learners need these life skills to maintain stable relationship with family and friends, caregiving, manage daily life activities. Even though everyone requires to maintain physical distancing, it’s important to communicate through call, video chat, Email, or write letters to people to care about and engage in responsible interaction, protect emotional well-being and manage the stress of living through this challenging time. Learner’s development does not stop during crisis period and supporting that development in building resilience has to take a lot of time and effort, constant interaction is simple everyone can do them in ordinary time throughout the day.

Resilient learners do not let adversity define them. They define resiliency by moving forward to a goal beyond themselves. Transcending pain and grief as temporary defeat. They are advocating towards plan, career opportunities to ensure that they will not be left behind and are intone of the future may bring.

Neil Librando Abao