A System of Conducting Formal Meetings

meetingParliamentary rules are a set of proven “rules” used to move business during a meeting. It is a guideline and a system that allows an organization to conduct business in a fair and democratic manner.

An organization should have its Constitution and By-laws to know rules, duties and functions of each officer and member. It guides the officer how to run the organization efficiently and effectively. Thus, specific policies, rights and privileges are known to all concerned.

When parliamentary procedures are used, meetings will run smoothly and properly tackle all the agenda and businesses set. Meeting will surely finish in advance or at a desired time. All are given time to express their idea on certain topic.

In properly oriented meetings, participants get out without confusion as to what exactly was voted on, the feeling that one never got his voice heard; irritation because one person or a small group of people dominated a meeting; or anger about decisions made that do not reflect the feelings of the majority of the group.

It is important that the presiding officer should align the function of management, which is Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing and Coordinating or (POSDC). Offices having formal meeting should follow the POSDC. First, plan what to prepare like attendance sheet, venue, meals and all the materials needed for the success of the event. Next, organize a technical working group, organize relevant committees only. Then, staffing in which selection, recruitment and assigning men to appropriate positions. Next is directing which is genuine leadership. It means influence, dynamism, firmness and following-up technical working group with their committees. Lastly, control or monitor duties and tasks. Allow focal persons to present report for transparency and guidance. Financial report should be done often and be displayed in a noticeable place. Controlling also include monitoring from time to time and evaluating at the end of the activity.

In order to manage meetings effectively, it is mostly recommended for the presiding officer to follow the POSDC, the five functions of management.

(Source: Philippine Councilor’s League – Legislative Academy, seminar workshop on Parliamentary Procedures by Dr. Lorenzo B. Dinlayan of BSU.)

By: Cecile B. Dayak
      Administrative Aide