AYOS Project: A Strategic Approach in Enabling, Engaging and Empowering the Non-teaching Employees

ayos projectAYOS Project aligns to the strategic directions in realizing the Schools Division Office (SDO) vision, mission and core values. AYOS Project serves as a strategic approach in enabling, engaging, and empowering the non-teaching employees to realize the strategic directions.

AYOS Project contributes to the effective and efficient implementation of the DepEd brought about by the Rationalization Program. The infrastructure shift attributed from the rationalization program requires an in-depth understanding on the organizational structure, functions, job designs, policies, procedures, and systems. It needs to be managed well; otherwise, it will affect the SDO’s management, leadership and governance. Stan Davis said “when the infrastructure shifts, everything rumbles”. Hence, managing this organizational change is of prime importance.

Recognizing the role of the non-teaching employees, SDS Edilberto L. Oplenaria considered and integrated the AYOS Project in the Division Strategic Plan. The FY 2015 Work and Financial Plan of the AYOS Project highlights the following activities: orientation/re-orientation on office policies, procedures, and systems; Public Service Excellence Ethics and Accountability Program (PSEEAP); and, AIM-Strengthening Access and Quality Education Team Development and Leadership Training for the Support Staff of the Division of Malaybalay City.

In a nutshell, AYOS Project capacitates the non-teaching employees to perform their work based on the SDO’s strategic directions and contribute to the desired outcome of the education process. Beyond doubt, AYOS Project can be realized with the extensive support of the MCD’s officials and employees. Most importantly, it is our ultimate goal that the clients would say AYOS to our services.

MCD oriented/reoriented Non-teaching Employees

As initial implementation of the project, select newly hired and promoted non-teaching employees were given a 2-day orientation/re-orientation on office policies, procedures, and systems on April 23-24 at Roberto’s Place, Casisang, Malaybalay City initiated by the Administrative Services, Finance Services, and ICT services under the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent.

The AYOS Project was introduced as anchored from the DepEd’s vision, mission, core values, strategic plan and objectives. Other activities under AYOS Project were highlighted, such as: (1) the Public Service Excellence Ethics and Accountability Program (PSEEAP); and, (2) AIM-Strengthening Access and Quality Education Team Development and Leadership Training for the Support Staff of the Division of Malaybalay City.

The training was formally opened by Ferdinand V. Mortera, Senior Education Program Specialist in Human Resource Development, and closed by Ralph T. Quirog, Chief Education Supervisor in Curriculum Implementation Division. SDS Edilberto L. Oplenaria imparted his message to the participants and emphasized on the practicality, relevance and usefulness of the training to the individual professional and organizational development.

The orientation/reorientation commenced with the presentation of the program objectives, organization and linkages of the topics. On April 23, the participants were oriented/re-oriented on the following topics by the resource speakers: (1) Flag, anthem, and heraldic code of the Philippines (Lou Ann J. Cultura-Education Program Supervisor in MAPEH); (2) Civil Service and Personnel Administration in the Civil Service (Jutchel L. Nayra-Administrative Officer V); (3) Government Office Hours, Proper Filling-Out of Daily Time Records, and Non-monetary Remuneration for Overtime Services Rendered (Guia Ma. G. Gamutin-Administrative Officer IV); (4) Leave Administration and Filling-Out of Form 6 (Florabelle Porras-Administrative Officer IV); (5) Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth and Filling-Out of SALN Form (Rufelia J. Limbengco-Administrative Officer IV); and, (6) Overview of Republic Act No. 9184 and Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP) Preparation (Emelyn D. Razo-OIC of the Property Unit). On April 24, the topics focused on: (7) Processing of Claims (Personal Services and Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses) (Rhysa Cyle C. Rosalejos-Accountant III); (8) Grievance Machinery, Administrative Discipline, and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (Ophelia Pilar Rubio-Zamora-Attorney III); ICT Services and the Utilization of the Division Website (Paul John P. Arias-Information Technology Officer I); and, (9) Result-based Performance Management-Individual Performance and Review Commitment Form (IPCR) Preparation (Ralph T. Quirog-Chief Education Supervisor). Lecture-discussion, case discussions, and workshop preparation and presentation were employed as learning strategies for the participants.

The training ended with some words to ponder from Stephen Covey “learning by teaching and doing” and Johann Goethe “Self-knowledge is best learned, not by contemplation but by action. Strive to do your duty and you will soon discover of what stuff you are made.” The participants were challenged to do two simple things in order to initiate growth and dramatic results in life and the organization. First is to teach and share as they go; the second is to integrate what they learn into their life.

Enabling, engaging, and empowering the non-teaching employees is above all the primary purpose in making the workplace AYOS!


Jutchel L. Nayra, DPA
Administrative Officer V