BAC Document Monitoring Sheet in the Division of Malaybalay

The Bids and Awards Committee Document Monitoring Sheet (BAC – DMS) was conceptualized aligned with the Project and Programs adopted in the Division Strategic Plan, “Tamang Bidding Paigtingin” (Strict Adherence to R.A. 9184 to minimize complaints on Procurement). It will reduce, if not totally eliminate, the delay in processing BAC documents in DepEd Malaybalay City Division.

The DepEd Malaybalay City Division adopted the BAC-DMS innovation created by the BAC Secretariat since September 2015. The BAC-DMS was designed to be carried out along with any BAC Resolution. It is also designed to eliminate delay in the processing of documents wherein it can also track the progression of the document in the office system. The BAC – DMS is more of a system organizing. Though it improves the performance of the office, the end goal of the said design is to better cater the needs of the clienteles in a timelier manner thus leading to productivity.

In the aim of achieving desired outcomes, the Effectiveness and Clientele’s Satisfaction on Utilizing the BAC – DMS was then conducted to determine the areas for improvement on its implementation.

The action research opts to describe qualitatively the effectiveness of the BAC Document Monitoring Sheet in terms of: timeliness of procurement, volume of approved procurement in a span of time and clientele’s satisfaction which also includes their knowledge and perception towards the implementation of this innovation.

An initial survey questionnaire was launch to measure its effectivity based on the following indicators meeting the objectives, transaction tracking, relevance, and technical efficiency have high percentage of excellent (100%) marks. Structure appropriateness and implementation of BAC – DMS as intended gained higher marks on very good or the 75% effectiveness.

Responses showed more or less evenly rated timeliness, productivity and accountability with excellent and very good. Respondents also rated the different aspects of the BAC – DMS: tracking system, organized system of approval and speedy transaction. In all three aspects, majority rated very good than excellent. In addition, 6% believed that speedy transaction was average (50% effective).  Hence, this action research concluded that the use of BAC – DMS is effective in the DepEd Malaybalay City Division for it showed relevance achievement of outcome, progress tracking system and technical efficiency.

This action research therefore recommends to take an action plan on how to improve its organized system of approval and speedy transactions, since these are aspects with 75% satisfaction from clienteles versus the target of 100% satisfaction. A follow-up study can then be conducted after the full implementation of the said action plan to track and compare changes before and after the improvisation of the BAC-DMS.

Kervi Don A. Abendaño