Best leaders encourage and empower others

The Department of Education needs LEADERS who “LEAD BY HEART” and leaders who could alter the worst behavior by example. Constant reminder on the core principles of leadership is not enough to help one to manage a small or a big school, it all boils down to how the administrator treats his superiors, subordinates, faculty and staff, parents and the pupils as well.

Leading from the heart, brings back the concept of values on leadership drawn from ones experience as a classroom teacher. Being experienced allows a leader to speak to others from both experience and the heart.

Workplaces are always clogged and congested with stressors, you name it job related problems, conked-out office equipment or outdated machines that refuse to work  you feel spent, deprived of strength and stressed out, because of your rational abilities, leaders understand and deal with human drama in the workplace.

As a leader, you need to know all the good stuff and the truth about facts. You also need to add a special touch of certainty.  When you lead others, you lead them to know you and the genuineness about yourself.

Appropriate management style could bring a leader to achieve a remarkable pedestal for whatever one gives to his subordinates will be brought back to him. He could explain exactly whatever he wants from the teachers. Their achievement and performance are the result of all his efforts and inspiring endeavor. As an administrator, he leads explicitly towards the path they should all tread as a team.

Whenever he makes administrative decisions, he considers the concerns and needs of the teachers, the parents, the learners and other members of the community.

 The administrator needs to remember, that if he wants to be the “BEST”, he has to support teamwork and collegiality, value diversity and encourage everyone around him to grow. He would be most effective if he could also create a culture of learning.

As we grow and compete globally particularly towards educational organizations, workers still crave, for the great administrator, who will save the day.  Nevertheless, subordinates also want an administrator that they can identify with and who seems to “listen” and “respect” their views.

He needs to be sociable, and share so he will inspire greater performance among group members. To motivate positive changes with his followers, he must stay generally energetic, enthusiastic and passionate.

The best leaders do believe that their followers can execute to the maximum with the feeling of being inspired and empowered to do so.

by: Liza G. Balintongog
      Principal II