Brigada Eskwela: A Long Term Community Investment

Going to school on the first day has become a thing to look forward to for most of the students. Instead of cleaning the classrooms and surroundings, learners get to know each other on their first day. This was made possible by having Brigada Eskwela.

Brigada Eskwela is a whole year-round activity but usually given emphasis on a week before the opening of class start by the Department of Education. Teachers, parents, learners, government and non-government sectors are united to have a shared goal of preparing public schools for our learners. Moreover, Brigada Eskwela is a creative and an innovative way of rehabilitating the school for it encourages the whole community to take part in the activity, thus the spirit of “bayanihan” is present.

Brigada Eskwela has been beneficial not only for the learners but also to the teaching staff, and the school itself. It is important in many ways. First, to have the government and non-government agencies involved in this activity makes it beneficial to the school for their needs would be met by having these groups give something to the school. Second, it promotes unity, it unites the community no matter what their social status are, they work together to reach the same end goal. Third, it gives of a positive effect on learners when they see that their learning environment is clean. Lastly, the safety of the learners is ensured.

They say that the youth is the future of our nation, to ensure the future we must take part as a community and work together as one. In our own little ways, we can help these learners achieve their ambitions in life. We can contribute to their success by making their learning environment safe and clean, for them to learn a lot and be productive in school. Brigada Eskwela may just be an activity that will last for a week, but its impact to the learners will last for a lifetime.

Master Teacher II
Kalasungay Central School