Challenges of a Public Servant

Public service must be more than doing a job efficiently and honestly.   It must be a complete dedication to the people and to the nation. –Margaret Chase Smith

People nowadays, rush in when there are opportunities in the government service.  This is with the desire to land for a decent and secured job where earning for a living for the self, for the family and for the loved ones is being assured.  However, it could not be denied that several are too focused on the monetary benefits setting aside if not forget the best part and the essence in serving the public.

It is a great honor to be one of the so called public servant occupying a most stable job in the Department of Education as non-teaching personnel for quite some time now which has paid me so much in terms of finances. 

Personally, I am grateful given the chance to be one in this government arena and proved myself through my most awarded performances.  My challenge is the kind of services entrusted to me through my dedication, sincerity, and integrity that led me to an excellence performance of duties and responsibilities. 

My genuine service is not easy then and being challenged in this NEW NORMAL. Lately, doing and attending all the clientele’s needs, giving assistance and guidance on what to do, attending calls for the various queries especially this time that face to face is highly discouraged really taught me to compose myself how to be patient and understanding and how to have a heart to serve the people the best I could offer. The shift of modality in delivering my genuine services entails sacrifice but so fulfilling in with a heart after a day.

Clementina O. Madronero