Conscientization in Cash Disbursement in the Government

The proper cash disbursement in the government has been a long-time issue that needs to be given proper and immediate action. Every establishment whether a private or a public firm needs a cash disbursement system to efficiently secure and handle the agency’s cash payments. Having efficient good internal control is vital in cash disbursements to ensure that cash is paid for legitimate transactions.

As a government agency mandated to spend on the government’s allocated funds for the learners in this Division, City of  Malaybalay ,the cash unit  has a crucial task of maintaining rightful dignity in spending funds intended for the delivery of basic educational services aligned with the educational goals and target of the Philippine Government in Basic Education.

The pandemic brought about by Covid-19 virus brings a challenge to every government agency to scrutinize properly every centavo spent by the agency concern to unify with President Duterte’s administration efforts of re-aligning allocated funds in each agency to help the government’s quest in mitigating the spread of  corona virus.

With this, government officials should learn the value of money and ensure that there is added value in every expenditure and that should align in the Learning Continuity Plan (LCP) designed by the department to be utilized by various offices of the department.

As one of the accountable officer of the government funds, it is the duty behind cash disbursement to ascertain that all transactions made are legitimate, intended and allocated that would serve its end as planned.

Administrative Officer IV-Cash