Coping up with the New Normal Education

A drastic change has come to consume the entire world lately. People across the globe have an amount of share on the pandemic brought to us by COVID 19. Many things have changed from the normal nature of work, the pace of economics and even to the new practice of education. The concern, can people cope-up with education system in this new normal?

Nothing is impossible for a person that is much willing to bend for the sake of the many.

The new normal education in the Philippines is at stake without the equal cooperation of the teachers, parents, and learners. Full-cooperation of the teachers and learners without the parents may not guarantee quality education. Everyone must have a role to play and must take it seriously. Parents’ primary goals are to monitor, to motivate, and to guide their children even in their simple ways. Providing their children better opportunities to explore things by themselves in their “class-home” is now considered as a must-have.

Does the new normal education fair to those economically-challenged learners? The Department of Education came up with a solution to cater the learners’ needs according to whatever status they are at present. The DepEd adopted the most appropriate blended learning approach wherein learners are given the equal opportunity to choose their preferred learning modality.

Does this requires parents to spend extra money? Not much. Does this require the learners to be 24/7 online? No, time management works best though. Does this requires learners to exert extra effort? Yes, as usual and expected being learners. Does this require learners to be responsible for their learning? Yes, definitely!

More options. If learners learn best visually, then Television-Based Instruction (TV BI) learning is for them. If they are good listeners, Radio-Based Instruction (RBI) would surely work for them. If they are fond of the internet and have unlimited fast access to the internet, might as well the online learning works for them. And if learners are more comfortable with printed learning materials, then the Self Learning Modules (SLM) would perfectly fit their needs.

You see, today’s education is to all and for all. It’s comfortable and compatible. Although it’s laborious yet gracious. No one is left behind, together we heal and stand.

Leah Jean R. Daba