DepEd addresses needs of grade 5 teachers as MTOT takes off

IMG20160220103551The curriculum comprises a variety of topics and competencies, which enable the children to become successful adults who will contribute to the community since learning the concepts in all subjects makes a learner become a well-rounded person who is able to understand the past, their place in the world (geography), their rights and responsibilities as citizens (government), and the system that empowers them to survive and prosper.

However, learners nowadays are exposed to the various concepts that flood their minds and get overwhelmed by it thus causing some degree of difficulty in learning. Experts on curriculum development see the necessity in addressing the said difficulties of the pupils as well as the teachers in the transition to the new curriculum.

The Department of Education has seen the need to improve the teachingIMG20160503174948 strategies in the different learning areas and to enhance every teacher to be more productive and effective in transferring knowledge to the pupils. So the role of teachers in the learning process could not be overlooked. They are the persons in authority to say whether the child is learning or not. They could diagnose the child’s difficulty in learning and conduct necessary remedial measures to address such difficulty.

As we go further to the full implementation of the K-12 curriculum, we do encounter changes in the subjects not only in curriculum structure but also in the teaching strategies. In order to get oriented, DepEd has launched the Grade V Mass Training for Teachers (MTOT). The training gives emphasis on the strategies and ways of teaching, such as Differentiated Instruction, Curriculum Framework, Curriculum Guide, Grading System (Assessment), and Contextualization.

As this quote from Plato says, “Do not train children to learning by force and harshness, but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each”. The teacher must know the ability of the learners to give tasks that focus on their own experience to assist them in the learning process. He also observes and understands diversity of learners and takes into consideration these differences in preparing their lessons; includes plans to make teaching flexible by contextualizing concepts to be significant to the learner and always being aware of the kind of assessment to give based on the learners’ capacity.

IMG20160502085018The training of National Trainers of  Teachers was conducted at DepEd Ecotech Center, Cebu City last February participated by select DepEd personnel nationwide. The Division of Malaybalay City Division was represented by Ms Maria Conception Sagaral Reyes, EPS in Filipino; Ms Rachel Ravidas Valde, EPS in English; Ms Lou Ann Jacutin Cultura, EPS in MAPEH; Mr. Demie J. Pabillaran Jr., Principal I(ICT); Dr. Manny B. Pimentel, Principal II (AP). There were also five participants from the Division of Valencia City.

The roll out to 111 teachers from the Division of Valencia was held on April 29-May 5 at Loiza’s Pavillion, Malaybalay City facilitated by trained trainers from the two divisions (Malaybalay City and Valencia City). As it progresses to serve its purpose, the Grade V teachers of the Division of Malaybalay City will also undergo training on May 16-22.

We desire to bring out through the training workshop a heart and passion to perform the noble task. Invigorate teachers who are greatly enthusiastic, equipped and effective whose yields are more productive and globally competitive learners.

By: Dr. Manny B. Pimentel
      School Principal II
      Zamboanguita CS,
      Caburacanan ES & Kulaman ES