Developing the Learning Behavior of Learners to Succeed in Distance Learning Modality

The current pandemic force distance learning for all learners. Learners are now at home study with no physical interaction with their teachers. The main concern of today’s distance learning is on how the behavior can still be developed in spite of the gap between how things works in physical and distance learning. Another concern is on what aspect of behavior should be developed to maintain the quality of education in distance learning? The answer to this question can be seen in the 21st century life skills of learners.

Life skills include flexibility, leadership, initiative, productivity and social skills. All of his skills emphasize greatly on how the youth can become independent learners. Flexibility allows the learners to adapt to changes brought by the pandemic. Flexibility also allows the learner to become more resilient to issues and concerns to the current setup of education. On the other hand, leadership allows the learners to manage his own learning. Leadership skills in 21st century do not only mean leading others but also about leading yourself to achieve the end goal. In the context of education leadership means learners management skills leading to achieving its goal of learning the competencies in the chosen learning modality.

Moreover, initiative allows the learners to do task without the supervision from others. It means that learner can work and learn independently regardless of the attention given to them by their teachers and parents. Initiative could also lead to achieving of goals since learners are self-regulated to finish their tasks and lessons. The 21st century life skills also allow the learners to be productive. Learners are expected to produce learning outputs and outcomes. Finally, social skills allow the learners to maintain positive relationship towards their classmates and teachers. Positive relationship can help the learners recover from the psychological effect of distance learning and COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, improvement of 21st century life skills does not only provide cognitive advancement to the learner but also help with their personal and psychological development.

Paterno T. Padua, Jr.
Project Development Officer I