Division Office issues Memorandum to integrate safety measures in all programs, trainings, workshops, and other activities

MALAYBALAY CITY – Division Memorandum No. 278, s. 2018 re: Integration of Safety Measures in all Programs, Trainings, Workshops, and other Activities was released last June 21, 2018. There were three objectives of the memorandum:

  • ensure that the safety of the participants are included during the planning process of an activity;
  • ensure that the participants of the activities conducted in the Division know what to do, whom to call, and where to go in times of emergencies; and
  • inculcate the culture of safety in the day-to-day experience of the learners, personnel, and guests of this Division.

According to SDS Baguio, it is important to remind the employees of this Division repeatedly on what to do in case of an emergency. It is a way of training our minds and body through repetition.

Anchored to DepED Order No. 37, s. 2015 entitled The Comprehensive Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) in Basic Education Framework and DepED Order No. 55, s. 2007 entitled Prioritizing the Mainstreaming of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in the School System and Implementation of Programs and Projects Relative Therefor, changes on the flow of programs for activities were set forth. Before, the preliminary only includes singing of Lupang Hinirang, Invocation, Provincial Hymn, and Division Hymn. Now, there is already an addition of Safety Reminders after the singing of Division Hymn before going on with the rest of the program. If an activity shall be conducted in two or more days, such as three-day seminar-workshop, the Safety Reminders should be given right after the opening prayer of each day.

It was first implemented during the Second Management Committee (ManCom) Meeting held at The Gardens Party Venue, Brgy. 1, Malaybalay City on July 6, 2018. Division DRRM Coordinator, Jimdandy S. Lucine, delivered the safety reminder presentation to the School Heads, Public Schools District Supervisors, and Unit Heads in the Division Office. The first training conducted when safety reminder was integrated was the Division Orientation in the Utilization of New Phil-IRI Tool for Elementary and Secondary Schools in English and Filipino held at Loiza’s Pavilion, Brgy. Casisang, Malaybalay City on July 7, 2018. The first school who implemented it was Aglayan Central School during their Induction of School Officers.

The safety measures orientation, contains five topics. First is the hazards. The primary hazards that should be included is earthquake because the City of Malaybalay is surrounded by three active fault lines, namely Cabanglasan Fault, Tagoloan River Fault, and Central Mindanao Fault. At times it is even affected by the movement of Lanao Fault System. Even so, the hazard must not only focus on earthquake. It may also include fire, human-induced such as shooting incident, and other hazards found appropriate based on the venue of the activity. The audience or participants must be reminded of the following:

  • in case of earthquake, they must perform the Duck, Cover, and Hold On during the shake;
  • in case of fire incident and their cloth is caught by fire, they must stop from running, drop to the ground, and roll; and
  • in case of active shooting incident, they must be reminded to do the lock down protocol when possible.

The second topic is about Exit Maps. Audience/participants must be informed of the exit routs of the venue. Location of fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and secondary exit routes must be highlighted.

Emergency Hotline Numbers must also be presented to the audience/participants. They must be taught to use the CLIP acronym in reporting the incident to authorities. CLIP stands for Caller’s Name, Location, Incident, and Persons involved.

Fourth topic is the presentation of the nearest hospitals. The name of the hospital is very important in the ambulatory service.

Last but not the least is to remind them to stay calm at all cost. Calmness in the face of danger is very important because it can save lives.

The initiative is still new and like any other innovations, it is faced by challenges. One of the challenges is the capacity building of the organizers especially on making exit maps. Monitoring of its implementation is also hard especially for activities that last for days. Even so, the integration of safety measures to all activities in the Division is a promising innovation to develop safe learning environment for the learners of the City.

You can download a copy of the memorandum in this link: https://www.depedmalaybalay.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/memo-18-278.pdf.

Project Development Officer II