Don’t forget to SMILE

A smile may be worth a thousand words, but it seems its value is so much more. 

Being one of the Non teaching personnel in the Department of Education, I feel the weight of my role to serve different personalities in the Division of Malaybalay City. I have all the opportunity to be generous in my smiles in spite of the bundles of work assigned to me. I see myself as support staff of this agency and that the teachers, head teachers, principals, supervisors and our superintendent are the main characters. Though I play behind the scene, I have a crucial task like doing my best not to delay the processing of their salary claims and courteously attend to their inquiries. 

Our newly elected President Rodrigo Duterte recently stressed the importance of smile in government service. We should be courteous in dealing with our client’s needs. We must be able to share freely our priceless smiles to others regardless of economic status. We must serve everyone and not only one, the president mentioned in his inaugural speech.

A simple smile creates its own message without words. The simplicity of a smile makes it easy to convey a message. Its unique power to portray more than just a simple and pleasant experience with the mouth, it is so important, particularly as it is one of the more common gestures delivered by humans. While this might sound a bit like reaching for the stars, it is true that the world around us would be a better place if more people smiled. So,smile

          ADMIN. AIDE VI