Education in the New Normal

The COVID19 crisis has taken a toll on the lives of the many.  Basic education is one sector that is heavily affected as schools are not allowed momentarily to hold classes onsite to protect the health, safety and well-being of the learners, teachers and school personnel.  However, education is vital to success. Then, I go with the battlecry of the Department of Education that “learning must continue”. 

How can education be continued amidst this pandemic? What are the actions that DepEd has got to do to deal with these issues? These are the typical questions that parents and learners have in their minds when education is in issue.

Alternative ways will be offered for education to continue.  The Department of Education has shifted the learning delivery modalities from typical face-to-face to distance learning, homeschooling and blended learning such as modular, online and television/radio-based instruction.  Self-Learning Modules (SLMs) can be in print or digital form where learner’s progress is supervised by the teachers through the use of email, text/instant messages and/or phone calls. Secretary Briones noted that SLMs will be integrated in video lessons, most especially for K to 3 learners who will require more auditory learning than other grade levels.  Learners with special needs will have video sessions as well as assigned teachers that will be guiding them throughout their lessons.

Online learning is conducted through the use of internet where downloading of learning materials and submission of homework are made online.  For those who have no access to internet, computer, smartphone or tablet, TV/Radio-based instruction can be used in the delivery of learning.  Self-learning modules are taught using television and radio.  Blended learning is a combination of modular distance learning, online and TV/radio-based instruction.  Homeschooling is home-based learning to be conducted by qualified parents, guardians or tutors who undergo training.

These are the collective efforts that the DepEd has set to ensure that all learners have access to quality basic education for SY 2020-2021. As such, is a great opportunity for educators to think out of the box for the new normal way in education.

By: Florabelle R. Porras
      Administrative Officer IV