Education: Its Relevance in Today’s Times

We are living in a troubled world. Crisis after crisis beset our country. I remember the words of an English American writer, inventor and journalist Thomas Paine, “these are the times that try men’s souls.” We see, read and hear of corruption, killings, robberies, bombings, hijackings and natural calamities like floods caused by typhoons, series of earthquakes and even drug addiction, prostitution and other acts of immorality. These are some realities we could not deny.

Anyways, these are only challenges to us as educators that test our human intelligence. I strongly believe that we can overcome them if we possess the strength of will and godly character.

It is just timely that the Department of Education takes the lead of introducing programs and projects like the ladderized, non-formal education program for the elementary and secondary drop-outs through Alternative Learning System; Open High Schools, and the latest is the Abot-Alam program that strategizes to locate the 15-35 year-old individuals and who have not completed basic and/or higher education or who are unemployed. This will mobilize and harmonize educational programs which will address the out-of-school youth’s needs and aspirations.

Educating the school children being our primary concern as educators has a tremendous relevance towards the happenings in our country today. We need to continuously inculcate moral values into the young minds of our youth. We need to equip them with useful knowledge, information and other basic literacy skills for their active involvement in their respective communities. We need to teach them usable livelihood skills for self-reliance which the ALS could provide. They should be taught not only leadership skills but also to become a law abiding citizens. They should be educated not only to earn an honest living but also how to live righteously with their fellowmen. Indeed, Education is the only weapon to survive the crises we experience in our daily undertaking. This will enable us to pave the way for a new horizon. This will help us overcome obstacles we encounter along the way.

It is a fundamentally held belief among Filipinos that education is a ticket out of poverty and a means of empowerment. In our culture, the lack of education is seen as a sure way to failure. This is the reason why responsible parents want to see their children complete their education and every diligent student feels the pressure to succeed in school even if the household budget needed for higher education is out of reach for the majority (Flores, 2014). Thus, giving importance to education is a priority.

From now on, education standard will be more improved as the government and implementers of our educational system work hand-in-hand for the K to 12 curriculum. Learning competencies has been designed to enable one to learn the skills and to imbibe positive human values that will help one grow into an articulate, socially committed and productive Filipino citizen. It does not only tend to rely on the theories, rather on practical things which will be useful once a student leaves the school and gets employment.

The performance of the school children reflects the kind of educators they have and speaks the degree of importance given to education of its clienteles. Let us all work hard to nurture the school children with passion in the realization of their dreams and aspirations in life. Education of today should be geared towards global competence and competitiveness.

By: Jesus V. Muring, Ed. D.
      ESP II, Managok Elementary School
      Malaybalay City East District