Educational Planning for Quality Education

Educational planning is one of the vital components in attaining quality basic education. Aligned to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 4 of the United Nations that seeks to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, DepED as the primary agency task by the government to deliver basic educational services ensure that programs, projects and activities implemented pass in a rigorous planning process. Before implementing any programs, projects and activities related to education, each plan is carefully crafted to the attainment of the department’s mission, vision and goals.

To ensure that all governance levels is prioritizing the needs of their clients; the learners, ladderized planning is done to identify key priority area of improvements in line with fulfillment of the sustainable development goals of education. The Central office of the department crafts the National Basic Education Plan (NBEP), the regional office with Regional Education Development Plan (REDP), the school’s division with Division Education Development Plan (DEDP) and schools with School Improvement Plan (SIP) all of this plan should congruently agree on the measures and priorities based on their local situation.

Education is a fundamental human right and is indispensable for the achievement of sustainable development. The department aims at empowering every Filipino child and commit to advance the educational goal thus, planning process does its crucial parts of identifying key priority areas of improvement. While education needs globally are immense, stakeholders such as companies and businesses can leverage their resources and core competencies to support the government in delivering the promise of education for all.

Since education is often a local issue, which will require all governance levels to work within contextualized plan to determine the best utilization of resources provided by the government along with the resources shared by the local stakeholders that engage responsibly in education and promotes sustainability to provide inclusive and equitable quality learning opportunities for all.

Senior Education Program Specialist
Division of Malaybalay City