Effective way of handling rejection

We all face rejection in life. And sometimes, it really hurts getting rejected. Like everyone else, I also have several experiences of rejection. I remember the time I applied for a job after graduation. I expected much because I was told to come back for the second round but I was not chosen. I felt frustrated and started to lose confidence in myself.

At work, we try to deliver our best but sometimes, our output is not enough or not acceptable to others. Rejection is part of the human experience. We feel the pain and hurt of rejection it. Hence, you may feel frustrated and depressed. However, dwelling so much your rejection will not help you, it will just result to more frustration. I have learned that when it comes to rejection, you must choose to focus on your perception of it. Try and transform that negative experience into positive.

Think of rejection as an indicator of your perseverance. If you have 25 percent success rate at something, then remember that some amount of rejection and failure is to be expected. Focus on the process, not on the goal. If your goal is to get the job or promotion, then you will be anxious during the interview and disappointed if you do not get a job.

Use this experience of rejection as a learning opportunity and figure out what you can do differently next time. Feeling angry or sad is a normal immediate reaction when you do not get the things you wanted, but it will not change anything, it will just make you more anxious the next time around. You may cry, feel sad for a while, but get up and try again. Do not let anybody diminish what you are working for. Extract lessons from your first attempt and start planning for a stronger attempt. Each time you do not succeed, seek as much possible feedback so you will be more effective during the next attempt.

Start planning your next attempt. The worst thing you can do after a rejection is to sit around and mope. Moping will not fix anything and you may get stuck in a downward spiral. Instead, extract lessons from your attempt and start planning for a stronger attempt in the near future.

Lastly, instead of seeing it as a moment of failure – see rejection as an opportunity for learning. Avoid grudges by reframing rejection as positive. Have enough confidence in yourself to know that with persistence, you will never fail. We only fail when “WE” give up. So, the next best way to handle rejection is to never give up. The key is no matter what, believe in yourself and continue to work with confidence. There is no better way to handle rejection that to “Believe in Yourself”, “Be Confident” and “Never Give Up”.

By: Brayan B. Garces
      Administrative Aide VI