Emphasizing on 21st Century Literacy Skill for Developing Learners Amidst Pandemic

Distance Learning Modality (DLM) is one of the presented solutions by DepEd to continue education despite COVID-19 pandemic. Distance learning is normally design for countries whose schools are far from learner’s home. In the country, distance learning is used for learners in Alternative Learning System whose age are normally above their grade levels and have greater ability to adopt to the changes brought by distance learning. This time Distance Learning Modality is design to avoid physical contact and contamination from COVID-19 virus. The current set up of education demands for more attention to the 21st century literacy skills of the youth. The 21st century literacy skills include information, media and technology literacy.

Information literacy involves understanding of facts and information. It is very important for the learners to independently understand facts. It is also vital for the learners to had a better understanding of the supplementary material like video lessons, TV – Based instructions and other sources for them to acquire the needed competencies in their grade level.

On the other hand, media literacy involves learners understanding of the methods and outlets in which information has been published. Understanding were information was taken also allows the learner to validate and authenticate information. This is very important especially a lot of information in the internet provides some wrong data. In this way learners will be able to learn and acquire necessary and accurate information. Media literacy also allows the learners to find the information they need. As the learner able to learn where the data came from, they will also be able to know where to find the data that they need. Data finding can be a great help for the learners to advance their learning and go beyond what is presented in their lessons.

Moreover, technology literacy includes understanding of how the machines function. Particularly, it is about how phones and computer works for online learning. This is very critical considering that most of the teachers are supplementing their lessons by providing class session online or by sending link to videos and additional activities. Learners must be able to manipulate these machines for them to have more options in acquiring the expected competencies.

Paterno T. Padua, Jr.
Project Development Officer I