Filing for terminal leave benefit

Terminal leave pay refers to the payment in cash value of an employee. It includes resignation, retirement, and separation from the service. Based on Budget Circular No. 2016-2, dated March 29, 2016. Pursuant to Section 40 of CSC MC No. 14, Terminal Leave Benefits (TLB) payment is based on accumulated leave credits during the service and the computation depends on the highest salary received.

GSIS Memorandum Circular No. 003 series of 2015 states that the GSIS clearance serves as legal basis for deducting GSIS premium arrearages and loan balances as required for payment of terminal leave benefits.

While the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) facilitates the submission and processing of documents for the retirement benefits which conform to R.A No. 10154 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR), an act requiring all concerned government agencies to ensure the early  release of the retirement pay, pensions, gratuities and other benefits of retiring government employees.

Department of Budget of Management (DBM) provides lists of documentary requirements to support request for release of funds for TBL, namely: Letter Request/ Endorsement of the Head of Agency; List of Actual Retirees to be Paid (LARP) per Annex “B” of Budget Circular No. 2013-1; Duly Accomplished Retirement Application Form; Approved Application for Terminal Leave (CSC Form No. 6); Certified True Copy of Service Record (with Certification of Inclusive dates of Leave Without Pay (LWOP), if any; Photocopy of Latest Notice of Salary Adjustment (NOSA); Photocopy of Letter of Intent to Retire; Photocopy of Approved Application Letter for Retirement; Statement of Leave Credits Earned certified by the HRMO; and Photocopy or SECPA copy of Marriage Certificate – for change of name of married woman.

For deceased retirees/ employees- payable to the declared heirs, in addition to the requirements enumerated under 1 to 9 above: Certified true copy of the deceased retiree/ employee’s Death Certificate; Photocopy of Marriage Contract; Photocopy/ Duplicate copy of Judicial or Extra Judicial Settlement of Estate (duly notarized).

This will be submitted in three (3) copies, photo copy must be authenticated from the original and signed by the Records Officer. The agency head shall approve and indorse complete documents for request of payment to the DBM.

As soon as the Special Allotment Release Order (SARO) for payment will be received from the DBM, the agency will release the proceeds to the payee thru Modified Disbursement System (MDS) check.

All retired government employee spent their whole life providing service to their heads, colleagues, teachers, pupils, stakeholders, and clients. That’s why monetary compensation and other benefits received is of great significance for a better, sustainable and meaningful life ahead.

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