Get through COVID-19 with Emotional Intelligence

During this time of despair and chaotic experiences, many of us especially the youth are being challenged in terms of our Emotional Intelligence (EI). Emotional intelligence (otherwise known as emotional quotient or EQ) is the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict. 

As the effects of the pandemic escalated into the minds of people, it has affected the way they handle their emotions and tend to completely disorganize their thoughts probably caused by the hardships they encounter in adjusting and coping up with the stress they experience during this catastrophe. Thus, developing increase in chances of being affected by depression and anxiety.

In an article called ‘How to Lead with Emotional Intelligence in the Time of COVID-19’ by Laura K. Murray (2020), she revealed her own suggestions of how to cope up with a challenged Emotional Intelligence during the advent of Covid-19. From this article I was inspired to create my own suggestions especially addressed to learners who suffer greatly with decreasing Emotional Quotient.

Commitment to follow what we are supposed to follow. When you are committed to what you greatly want to pursue, tend to organize your thoughts, decisions and emotions in order to attain and achieve such things.

Observe Healthy Protocols. In this time of sickness, it is a very necessary tool for us to stay healthy and strong. Being conscious of our health and obeying the government’s health protocols could lead us away from the devastating sickness of covid-19 and maintain a sane and manageable mindset.

Verify the Issues. Even before the rise of the pandemic, fake news has already been rampant especially inside the virtual realms. The constant consumption of fake news stresses the minds and emotions of people. Once there is verification of the news the mind would not directly undergo a state of panic, and instead formulates possible solutions that might mitigate or solve the issues.

Instill that no one can help us but ourselves. Let us remember that even if how much people around encourage us, if we have not come in terms with ourselves despite the help we receive, then we cannot rise from such problem.

Direct all your actions to God. This time prayer is the most important. Acknowledge always that God is the source of everything. It will be with Him that we would be free of worries, anxiety and doubts. In Him, there will always be an answer to the problems that every person and even the world is facing.

High Emotional Intelligence is indeed a great weapon to have in a chaotic and uncertain world. This prevents us of being completely eaten up of things that create the uneasiness in our hearts and minds. Believe that everything will fall into place and that the world will heal. I hope that all the learners will not let anxiety and depression caused by this pandemic become your impediments of reason.

By Gladys L. Galido