Hard Work Pays Off

“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work” – Stephen King.

Every person has a talent may it be special like athletic, creative or artistic aptitude, general intelligence or mental power, and other abilities. Talent for me is both a gift from God and a skill, it may be inborn but we need constant practice to achieve expertise. However, I believed that even having these attributes but lacks being hardworking is impossible to achieve. Hard work is a great deal of efforts and endurance with patience and determination to achieve its personal goal. As a working individual in our department, I realized that:

  1. More tasks equal more trust – Being entrusted with work is sometimes tiring that tends someone to complain “Why is my work load heavier than the rest?”, “We’re being paid equally, why am I given extra tasks?” and so on and so forth, but not me, I hate complaining as much as I do not want to be infected with other else’s negativity. Complaining makes one less productive, it makes all things harder to perform and that is when burden comes in. One needs to perform regardless of how handful the tasks are because a good supervisor will always believe in one’s capacity the main reason why someone is given bigger task.
  2. Learn independently – Working is always learning, one has to learn to figure things out on how to finished a certain task, simply by watching video tutorials and even engaging self to a group discussion through the use of social media platforms. It is a lot work when instead of being spoon-fed by the supervisors on how to do the task is anybody have to resort to independently discover the “HOWs”. Instead of keeping the learnings alone everybody can discuss with the colleagues when they will encounter the same problem in the future.
  3. Expertise is the key to competence – There will always be a competition especially in the workplace for promotion and even in the submission of consolidated works during year-end and mid-year reporting. The goal is always to be familiarized with one’s own work and be expert with all the processes assigned to. Sometimes being alone in a given tasks means to grind even harder to raise one’s own standard and remember that there will be a domino effect with the rest of the team.
  4. Sense of urgency – Success starts with being discipline be always mindful of the focus during working hours to avoid making mistakes, remember taking corrective actions takes time than preventives ones. Deadlines are like challenges, sometimes it defines a person by being early, just in time, or late. Deadlines are deadlines, that is why there is always a call for prioritization to avoid being unproductive. After finishing reports that are intended to be submitted before its due date then proceed with other works immediately, regret is the aftermath of procrastination.
  5. If you are tired, rest but do not give up – It is innate in humans to always feel like dreaming and in this world where everything is nothing but change the need to keep moving forward is a must. Sometimes, the pacing is too fast that one forgot of getting sick with the everyday routine too as the body weakens the more stress one get from work. Do not give up on your personal goals to be better every day, and it is okay to feel like you need a break after a terrible working routine.

Hard work pays off, when we are able to meet our expectation within ourselves, we feel satisfied and proud. Regardless of being affirmed by other people, always remember that God knows all your struggles. We harvest what we plant, if you work hard trust that someday you will shine.

Administrative Assistant-III