The honor code is a statement use to address problems within a specific group or organization. Example in a school the group of students, parents, teachers and or the school in general. Specifically, to the school as an educational system, the purpose of this honor code is to link the meaning and importance of academic integrity to all members of the internal and external stakeholders and to articulate and support the interest of the community in maintaining the highest standards of conduct in student learning. Your school be it in elementary or secondary represents the essence of shared belief and intellectual honesty that is essential to the very nature of learning and represents the highest possible expression of shared values among the members of the school community.

Honor code, is an important part in education because they give the control of those problems to each group in a school as an institution. They gain a sense of personal responsibility, a shared vision in which everyone in the school community are expected and trusted to do the right thing. The purpose of the honor code is to allow maximum freedom for students, parents, teachers and the school in the completion of all specific work and to ensure the integrity of such work. In so doing one may not subject themselves to do the opposite as what the honor code says. One must not lie, cheat or steal so one can say in the end like an oath “So Help Me God”. Remember always: Do the right thing and live morally.

Below are sets of honor code, it is presented not as a policy for anyone mandated to do instead it will only serve as a guide as the school makes one. The author just wanted to convey only some good points in the presentation since the idea came about during classroom, teachers and PTA meetings and conferences and even in the post-studies by the author. The list may not be complete or applicable to all schools; nevertheless, the author is open to receives comments and suggestions regarding the presentation, the honor codes to wit:


  1. I will be honest and forthcoming in all my actions.
  2. I will treat others the way I want to be treated.
  3. I will extend my courtesy, kindness and respect for others.
  4. I will respect our school buildings and each individual’s personal property and will treat them with care.
  5. I will strive for a sense of cooperation and guidance in our school programs.
  6. I will have the courage to report to school authorities the incidents of bullying in any form and report the membership to gangs, and possession of drugs or weapons in the school campus.
  7. I will not bully my classmates and schoolmates.
  8. I will follow the school rules and regulations.
  9. I will attend my class regularly.
  10. I will come to school on time.
  11. I will attend the flag ceremony every day.
  12. I will throw my garbage in the in the designated garbage boxes.
  13. I will do my assignments, homework and project and submit them on time.
  14. I will be diligent in my studies.
  15. I will not cut class in all my subjects.
  16. I will not avoid my duties during cleaning time.
  17. I will strive for quality and excellence in all my school work.
  18. I will always wear my school ID upon entering the school gate and premises.
  19. I will always wear my complete, prescribed school uniform every school day.
  20. I will cooperate in all school activities.
  21. I will participate actively in school clubs and organizations.
  22. I will take good care of my textbooks, students manual and bring them in the school every school day.
  23. I will not get involved in fraternities, sororities, gangs, and other groups that would hinder my studies.
  24. I will not stay in the computer cafes, billiard halls, stores and basketball courts during class hours.
  25. I will help in the attainment of the DepEd’s mission and vision.
  26. I will help in promoting the language policy.
  27. I will promote healthy lifestyle by not patronizing unhealthy food and eating practices.
  28. I will not indulge myself in vices such as drinking liquor, smoking, illegal drugs, gambling and the like.
  29. I will respect the opposite gender.
  30.  I will abide with the promotion and retention policies of the school.
  31. I will use school facilities with care and respect.
  32. I will avoid doing things that will destroy school properties and facilities.
  33. I will always bring and uphold the name of my school wherever I go.

(Classroom Adviser, Subject Teacher, Organization Adviser)

  1. I will make my classroom a conducive place for teaching and learning.
  2. I will promote a child-friendly classroom.
  3. I will ensure the safety of each student in my classroom.
  4. I will facilitate, evaluate and monitor the cleanliness of the classroom, corridors and assigned areas.
  5. I will inform the concerned authorities on matters regarding repair and replacement of school properties and facilities.
  6. I will inculcate the value of respect for school properties and facilities.
  7. I will closely monitor the attendance of my advisory class and inform school authorities and parents of any irregularities (e.g. absences, cutting classes, tardiness, etc.)
  8. I will monitor students’ attendance in all school activities including flag ceremony, club celebration, monthly celebrations, recognition/convocation programs and their activities which call for students’ and parents’ involvement.
  9. I will keep records of attendances of parents and students during activities that call for their involvement and submit a copy of the same to the guidance office.
  10. I will notify parents regarding behavior and academic standing of the students in my class.
  11. I will coordinate with subject teachers and the guidance office regarding remediation and other intervention programs.
  12. I will make sure that students abide with the school rules and regulation.
  13. I will coordinate with the parents in school activities where parents are directly involved. I will distribute report cards and retrieve them signed by the parents every grading period.
  14. I will safeguard students’ records and submit to the office of the school head on time.
  15. I will facilitate collections and use of classroom funds.
  16. I will ensure that transactions done outside the school will be approved by the office of the school head.
  17. I will ensure that request for funds from PTA or from any allowed contributions will be approved by the office of the school head.
  18. I will ensure that misbehavior and misconduct in my advisory class will be settled within my capacity.
  19. I will adhere to the guidelines of collection and disbursement of funds.
  20. I will facilitate the organization, planning, implementation and evaluation of action plan of club, advisory class, and subject class.
  21. I will submit financial reports of all disbursements at the end of the school year.
  22. I will submit reports of school properties acquired or donated to my advisory class or clubs, to the concerned authority or office.
  23. I will refer to the office of the school head matters beyond my capacity which call for the attention of higher authorities and other offices.
  24. I will inform the office of the school head on any club, advisory class, or subject class activities.
  25. I will follow “through channels” in every communication.
  26. I will be responsible for any future reservations of needed equipment, facilities, and materials for any subject, advisory class and club activities.
  27. I will ensure that all school facilities/properties are in place and secured.
  28. I will conserve energy and water at all times.
  29. I will remind the students at all times to be responsible for their personal valuables and belongings in the classroom and in all school activities and programs.
  30. I will remind students the restricted use of gadgets.
  31. I will remind students to observe honesty during quizzes, examination and other school related activities. will guide the students in all planned activities.
  32. I will always ensure the safety of students in any school activities.
  33. I will always secure parents’ permits, locator slip and travel orders from the school for any activities done outside the school premises.
  34. I will impose and maintain the CRC program at all times.
  35. I will help promote excellence and character of the school.


  1. I will attend the “BRIGADA ESKWELA” prior to the enrolment.
  2. I will read the students handbook and inform my student/s about their duties and responsibilities.
  3. I will participate actively in the Homeroom, Grade Level and Parents Teachers Association activities.
  4. I will attend the quarterly recognition program.
  5. I will monitor the performance of my student/s every grading period.
  6. I will personally get/return the card/s of my student/s every grading period with my comments and signature on it.
  7. I will collaborate and cooperate with the adviser and subject teachers of my student/s.
  8. I will coordinate with the school’s Guidance Counselors, Discipline In-Charge and the School Head in matters related to the welfare of my student/s.
  9. I will respond to any communication sent by the school.
  10.  I will follow up any school work (assignments, projects) of my student/s assigned by each subject teacher.
  11. I will ensure maximum utilization of any learning materials of my student/s.
  12. I will ensure the safety of my student/s beyond school hours.
  13. I will promptly inform the school, in writing, of any concern regarding the attendance of my student/s in school.
  14. I will support the school in matters concerning students’ representation in contest, reviews, seminars, trainings and in school, division, and national assessments.
  15. I will ensure my student/s will come to school regularly in complete prescribed uniform and proper haircut.
  16. I will help promote a child-friendly community.
  17. I will abide with the promotion, remediation, and retention policies of the school.
  18. I will be an active partner of the school by educating my student/s.
  19. I will abide with the school rules and regulations including the DepEd issuance’s.
  20. I will ensure that I will not tolerate the wrong doings of my student/s in and out of the school.


  1.  The school will provide a culture of character, quality and excellence in the learning community.
  2. The school will uphold a child-friendly academic community.
  3. The school will establish a good partnership with the parents of the students of the school and other external stakeholders.
  4. The school will commit to the holistic development of the student (mind, heart and body).
  5. The school will develop students to become lifelong learners and critical thinkers.
  6. The school will develop students to become persons of character who pursue a fruitful and a healthy life style.
  7. The school will develop students to become socially, emotionally and spiritually skilled persons engaged in crafting a life of noble purpose.
  8. The school will develop students to become ethical thinkers that conforms to the standards as human beings.
  9. The school will develop students who are diligent and capable performers.
  10. The school will develop students to become leaders of their communities.
  11. The school will provide opportunities for students to enhance their full potentials in TVL Track and Academic Track competence, alongside their spiritual competence.
  12. The school will establish active linkages with the community and the alumni for the good of the students and the school.
  13. The school adheres to the diversity of learners.
  14. The school advocates to stop bullying.
  15. The school advocates for strong camaraderie among the teaching and non-teaching staff.
  16. The school adheres to the DepEd’s Mission and Vision.

School Principal II