How To Become Successful And Reach Your Dreams?

I have read the book of Bo Sanchez titled “How To Conquer Your Goliaths?” This teaches the 7 keys to overcome every problem that hinders you from reaching your dreams.

Perhaps, you are familiar with the story of David and Goliath in the bible. But according to how Bo narrated the story in his book, Goliath is a big, tall, and hairy guy. When you stand in front of him, you will be terrified. He is like a monster. David on the other hand is a simple and small guy. However, David conquered Goliath. You may think that this story is just a basic one, but in this book, you will learn that the story gives so many important lessons in life, especially when it comes to reaching your dreams.

Do you know that you have your Goliaths in life? These can be sickness, difficult relationship, fear, financial problems, and many more. But do you know you can conquer your Goliaths just like David? Here’s what you can learn from this book:

  1. Go after your dreams with passion

You need to find something that you are willing to die for. Do you want to be successful in your chosen career? You must be ready to start all over again after each failure. You must not give up until you reach your dream. There are problems in life, but you must not focus on them, focus on your dream instead.

David thought of the reward if he would kill Goliath. He kept on repeating it to himself. He felt excited about it. It fueled him to do his best to conquer Goliath.

  1. Focus on your core gift

What are your strengths? What you are good at? You need to know your skills and passion. Then, focus on them. Do not try to develop your weakness, but you can overcome them.

David was good in using stones. As narrated in the book, king Saul even let him borrow an armor and a sword to fight Goliath. But when David wore them, he was not comfortable. He knew that he was not an expert in using armor and sword. He rejected the offer of King Saul because he used stones during the fight.

  1. Believe in Yourself Even When Others Don’t

You must remain confident. Never listen to negative people. In fact, you must listen to people who have been living your dream life and learn from them.

The entire army laughed at David when he went out with stones on his hands and pocket. They never believed that a small guy like David would conquer Goliath, using only stones. But David did not listen to them. He believed in himself.

  1. Build your dream team

Always remember that you will never be successful without the help of others. You must work with various kinds of people. You can even recruit others who are better than you are, and build a good relationship in your workplace.

  1. Act Now

You must act now. It is important to take the first step no matter how worried or afraid you are. You can start your own business; apply for a higher position; make your own research study; enroll in graduate studies; and many more. What matters most is you try and do your best.

David stepped out and faced Goliath even if he knew that this might end his life. If he did not try it, how would he know that he was going to be successful?

  1. Do Not Quit

Do not be afraid to fail. Failures are lessons in life. These will teach you to become successful. What matters most is you never give up. If you have been rejected by your boss, determine the reason why and improve yourself. If you are not hired, make the most of your time to hone your skills and potentials.

David was prepared in facing Goliath. In fact, he did not hit Goliath once. He tried several times until he became successful and Goliath fell down.

Lastly, when you become successful, always remain humble. Never forget your modest beginning.

By: Christine Joy B. Cainday