If It’s Vital To You, Then Help Us Give You Our Best

It is our pleasure to provide you with satisfying services when you visit us.  A quote from Douglas Adams says, “To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”

The receiving section of the Records Unit here at DepEd Division of Malaybalay City aims to serve every client to the utmost.  Hence, the following pointers are posted to ensure that appropriate service is granted to everyone who conducts transaction in this office.

  • Always bring your travel order.

There are some teachers, particularly the newly-hired, who fail to bring their travel order when they come to the division office during class hours. As a result, they are not allowed to enter and do their transaction inside the office.

Division Memorandum No. 458, s. 2016 stipulated that teachers should have a travel order signed by the principal or school head when they have transaction in the division office.

  • Wear proper attire.

Unfortunately, some teachers and visitors fail to practice this, especially during summer. Like any other government agency, everyone should not wear short pants, slippers, and sleeveless top. Even sexy blouses like off shoulders or “see through” blouses and “very” short miniskirts or bandage skirts are strictly not allowed inside the office. Failure to follow this policy will hinder anyone to do a transaction. Wearing decent attire inside the office means showing respect to the institution.

  • Bring your original documents for the authentication and verification.

The purpose of authentication and verification is to make sure that the photocopied documents are the same with the original ones. There should be no alteration. As a government agency, we see to it that all documents are not used for fraudulent purpose. Thus, there must be genuineness of the document, particularly the signatures, to make it effective or valid. For the certificates of seminar, workshop, or training, the name of the owner should be printed out.

Observance of these basic pointers will guarantee faster and smoother transaction in this Office.

Administrative Aide VI