Insights on the School Heads Development Program: Foundation Course

Hotel Koresco, Upper Balulang, Cagayan de Oro City
January 19, 2017

The widest room in this world is the room for improvement, it is never fully occupied.”

shdpI remembered Regional Director Allan Farnazo during the plenary session on Day O, of Module 1, when he said, “I don’t care kung magaling ka, I care kung magaling kayong lahat!” It was a simple statement that sends a lot of messages. You may interpret it based on your personal perspective or point of views. As for me, it is helping us find our places and putting us all at ground zero, a perfect platform for all of us to take off at once or all together as we start our journey to the School Heads Development Program: Foundation Course Module 1-3 focused on Instructional Leadership, Organizational Leadership and Exemplars. Someone said, no amount of training can change ones mindset and practices, unless he is willing to empty his cup, that is, to unlearn, learn and relearn.

We found the training to be highly informative and essential. It gives us a full understanding on the principles underpinning educational management and administrations; DepEd Mandate and Core Program, The Role of the Principal in Improving the School and Embracing Leadership Role.

All the sessions were facilitated by competent speakers who delivered substantially and authoritatively their topics. They all satisfied our queries and our expectations as well. Surprisingly, until this point in time, there are still administrators who are groping in the dark when it comes to fiscal management which is the most critical part of our job. Hence, we felt so blessed for the presence of the Chief of Administrative Finance Officer of Region X, Mrs. Mary Ann Neri, CPA who delivered a lucid discussion and gave us a clear understanding on managing school resources. We commend the speakers for their selfless service. Two thumbs up for job well done.

The training venue provided us with a comfortable home away from our family. The amenities afforded us enough ease that we were never bothered by the climate and the raging outside. The meals were all palatable and we had our fill.

In our hands school administrators, lies the success of any educational program. This training has armed us with knowledge and skills to make us the best administrators that we can be. We are tasked to set the strategic direction of our schools so all of us can move towards the attainment of the vision, mission and objectives set forth by the Department of Education in the light of the principle of continuous improvement. 

By: Evernold C. Berial
     School Principal II
     Managok Central School
     Division of Malaybalay City