Joys and Pains of a Clerical Job

Achievement of ones work is not only measured by happiness or satisfying results but also for every drop of painful experience that one has conquered. As a quote says, “Do not count the drop of success that you have achieved but count the number of challenges that strengthened your attitudes and developed your good qualities as an achiever”. This quote counts a lot for the joys and pains that one can encounter in doing clerical jobs.

When we say clerical job, it simply refers to the function of an individual who works in an office, doing works that are related to the different areas in a certain workplace. The type of work done solely depends on the working environment. Their work varies from the easiest to the most difficult and they know well as to which one is easy or difficult. They know pretty well which certain task should be finished on or before the scheduled date or time because they are the most knowledgeable person to identify the priorities in their respective tasks. Their experiences in the office teach them which clerical work should be given utmost priority. Their joys and pains in doing their tasks depends on every decision that make in choosing which task should be prioritized.

The joys and pains experienced by clerical workers are essential issues for it brings them to maturity of attitude towards work and optimism to a natural view that in every joy there is pain. Common answers to questions if what joyful and painful instances are among clerical workers, most would say that they put highest regard on consuming rate salary.  It puts them to a joyful situation if their salary really answers their basic needs in the family and beyond that matter considering that  a clerk’s salary depends on the office’ salary offer plus other benefits given out on special occasions. For them, it is discouraging if their head of office is not focusing on their salary increments with prior consideration on the success they have contributed for the office.

They also give second regard to friendly atmosphere in the workplace. They consider that a good and friendly working environment pushes them up to do more for the good of the office they are working with. They believe that if one works in a friendly workplace, he or she is dealing with happy people and they work better than what is expected of them. They consider others in the workplace as an inspiration to work with for a successful task and it is something that they are happy about. In adverse manner, it puts them to painful situation if they have to work with immature and unhappy people.

Happiness also comes from the astounding remarks from their heads of office in doing a job no matter how small or big an achievement is. Such little remark may make them more committed and inspired to dream and do big for the good of the office. Inspiring remarks develop their self-confidence to improve their working performance. Much more if such recognition counts for promotion after the success stories contributed for the office. They cannot appreciate the beauty of labor and hardwork if not promoted out from that remarkable performance.

However, the joys and pains that clerks may experience depend largely on the workplace and the kind of manager they have been working with. In same manner, if one is with a happy and friendly manager, the whole circle works happily.

Life would not be beautiful without the joys and pains. We keep on praying to God to give us more strength and to straighten our faith. And yet God gave us the pains through challenges and problems which strengthens and straightens us to achieve that crown and joy of success. It is then a reminder for us that whatever clerical jobs we do, our happiness only comes when we work positively on the pains of the journey we are taking. The greatest challenge then is to treasure and count everything as joy no matter what for our labor is not in vain in the eyes of the Creator.

By:  Maricel S. Jamisola