Leadership: A Self-Awareness

“I am not born to be a leader.”

This phrase made me think that in any situation one can be a leader. Taking a step forward and taking charge of any situation is being a leader.

Being a leader is loving what a person is doing. It starts from within and being aware and having a self-motivation on the things one loves to do. Finding new ways to do a task differently and have the eagerness to learn new things – takes the action first in what needs to be done.

I realized that if I love my work, the people I am working with can also feel the positive vibe and starts working with me and all the tasks become so easy.

MOVING BEYOND LIMITS. This tagline makes me feel that in service, I should give and share my skills and talents as to touch people’s lives for I believe that touching hearts can make one feel their importance and for that, doing the task is lighter and simpler towards a limitless working environment setting aside the hindrances and difficulty in performing one’s mission.

A leader is knowing where we want to be, and the most essential quality of a leader is having the ability to think strategically. The most important ingredient that derives a leader’s strategy is having a vision. A vision that leads to progress and to have harmonious relationship with colleagues and workmates.

EXCELLENCE – the key word in doing the task.

To become a leader is not easy. It emanates from our inner self and being aware of ourselves. We should know our strengths and areas for growth. Whatever reward and recognition we receive; we owe them to the best performance we give. Our actions and performance should exceed the feeling of pride within us.

Edelina M. Ebora