Learning Resource Portal

Teaching, aside from being said as the noblest profession is yet among the most challenging professions there is.

Teachers have been challenged and equipped to make a difference in the lives of every learner. This, however, could never be made easy due to certain factors i.e. the lack of enough and proper learning resources. There are foreseen struggles in terms of producing or developing their resources that will align with the subject; competencies and will correspond to the needs of the learners.

The task at hand may no reprieve teachers in becoming more innovative, effective, and efficient but results in an exhaust of energy and time if this would be properly handled and managed by him/her thus it will end up in a chaotic situation.

The Department of Education seized the opportunity to address these needs; making it convenient and not tedious to both ends (teachers and learners). This has all led to the creation of the department’s Learning Resource Portal (LRP) where all needed resources are uploaded. There is no excuse in inefficient teaching-learning because education is within our grasp.

Project Development Officer II