Lessons Brought to Us by COVID-19

Recently, a very serious threat had emerged in any parts of the globe. The world has been facing a health crisis. An invisible enemy that can’t easily be fought by anybody. The health problem that had occurred is coronavirus disease (COVID-19). According to World Health Organization (WHO), it is an infectious disease caused by a new strain of coronavirus. The disease can be transmitted through droplets of saliva by coughs or sneezes from an infected person which makes it more unfortified to every individual. In a short time, the number of cases had gone up to over a million that impelled the WHO to declare COVID-19 as a pandemic. Truly, the virus had seemingly crippled not just the health status of every country but also its economic stability. Due to this effect, each country had undertaken necessary preventive measures to protect its citizens. Those affected countries urged their constituents to undergo quarantine, makes people dependent on any forms of government’s assistance. Our local government, both the City Mayor and Provincial Governor has issued several Executive Orders urging the public to follow preventive measures to prevent the transmission of COVID -19.

In this time of chaos, looking at the other side of the pandemic brought to us, it conveys an important message to everyone.  An unforgettable lesson that needs to understand and instill to our hearts and minds.

Quality Time is the first lesson. Before this pandemic happened, most of us are very busy with our lives that we often forget to spend time with our family and ourselves. This pandemic had allowed us of quality time to ensure and develop a deep bond and strong family. Also, quality time gives us a chance to ourselves to rest and build one’s self-esteem, motivation and confidence.

People’s Cooperativeness is the second lesson. It is very essential to cooperate and abide to the preventive guidelines from any health organizations. By doing so, we just not help to prevent ourselves from getting infected but we also assist our front liners particularly nurses and doctors to soothe burden and ease workloads. It is also commendable, knowing scientists and medical experts all over the world are joining hands to stop the chaos.

The most important lesson that this pandemic brought to us is giving time to our mother nature to heal. An undeniable fact that to survive is to depend on natural resources but sad to say we are also responsible for overusing and destroying the environment. Maybe most of us haven’t noticed that many kinds of pollution are slowly decreasing. All forms of transportation had immobilized, overcrowded places had turned into peaceful towns, and any usual human operations and activities had suddenly stopped. Improving nature’s condition implies curing earth. Presumably, it is a reminder for all of us that protecting and preserving the balance of nature is one of mankind’s greatest duty.

In the end, we realized that teaching, preserving, and committing humanitarian actions is the greatest purpose of humanity.

By:   Evangeline P. Bahian  
        Administrative Assistant III