Malaybalay City school heads, coordinators equipped on ICT literacy

pic. articleln support to the 2015-2017 Division Technology Plan and Division Strategic Program on lCT4Ed, 65 school heads and 81 school ICT coordinators were equipped on ICT literacy at Loiza’s Pavilion, Casisang, Malaybalay City, July 5-7.

The activity aims to prepare teachers to become users of various ICT tools to allow students to benefit from technology; to build on ICT skills to perform job roles related to teaching and administrative functions; to train the School ICT Coordinators on the content, program and delivery method of the ICT Literacy Training Workshop for school level cascading; to equip the School ICT Coordinators on the use of software in the DCP for teaching and learning; and to train the school ICT Coordinators in their role of supporting DepEd Information Systems.

Relevant topics were discussed by resource speakers during the three-day training-workshop.  On day 1, the topic, 21st Century Education and Re-Entry Project for Public Management Development Program (PMDP) of the Development Academy of the Philippines on ICT4Ed; ICT Integration in the classroom Instruction was presented by Jutchel L. Nayra, followed by an Activity-based Training facilitated by Rolando S. Sudario. On day 2, DO 35, s. 2016 – The Learning Action Cell as a K to 12 Basic Education Program School-Based Continuing Professional Development Strategy for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning specially on the 21st Century Skills and ICT Integration in Instruction and Assessment (Item 15.4) was discussed by Ellen N. Delante on Adult Learning/Facilitation, followed by LAC Simulation using activity card given on day 1 by, Data Governance Principle was discussed by Rosalio P. Arangco,  while the EBIES and LIS LAC Simulation was facilitated by Novem A. Sescon. On day 3, Transformational Leadership and integration of ICT into Teaching was given by Ralph T. Quirog and updates on DCP as well as DepEd Email Registration as required by the Central Office were given by Paul Arias and facilitated in.

Superintendent Edilberto L. Oplenaria stressed his desire to implement 21st Century Education. He challenged the participants that what they learned should reach the classroom. He gave emphasis that ICT becomes ICT if there is actual participation of the children and pupils in an interactive classroom environment. He commended the ICT4Ed project team and instructed the team to closely monitor its impact and assess the implementation of ICT integration in classroom instruction.

The real achievement of the seminar remains to be seen as participants apply what they learned and cascade to their co-teacher the skills they acquired.

By: Lucilyn M. Cahucom
Administrative Aide VI