Molders of the 21st Century Learners

What is in store for the children in the future?  One thing is definite, in the hands of our young children, is the future of the country.

Today, through the mighty minds of teacher our children can be catalysts for the solution of the problems that baffle us. As we go on with our endeavors for the 21st century. With the problems of poverty, insurgency, social discrimination, graft and corruption, have the tools to inform, educate and enlighten the citizenry. Can combat all the odds that tend to negate and undermine the well-being of our country.

Without   doubt, the young children play vital role in the task of nation building. Various strategies and innovations implemented by the teachers, in school and in the four corners of our classrooms in particular, help bolster our children’s hope and aspiration for a brighter future as we compete globally with the existence of science and technology. With their untiring dedication in teaching. TEACHER can lead them to achieve freedom, peace and intellectual recovery.

Teachers always ensure that when they teach they will lead every child towards success.

Learners value teachers who can mentor them without herding or controlling them. Indeed, the young realize that, particularly with new technologies and the resulting changes on how things get done, mentoring needs to be reciprocal. Older teachers provide perspective, while younger ones update their elders’ capabilities, technology-wise.

The teachers should  continue upgrading themselves in the service not only for professional growth but also to discharge well their noble duty which is to mold the character of the pupils, so that they will  become useful, literate, disciplined, nationalistic and productive citizens of the nation.   Teachers should make the classroom as conducive and favorable to learning as possible. To form and transform the child into an asset of the nation and not a liability of the society.

In order for an educational institution to operate successfully it requires competent teachers that can manage the day-to-day activities and provide instructional learning easy and worthwhile for the children.

By:  Norma L. Manubag
       DALSC, East District