My Father’s Love

My father is my best friend. He is the ideal and best person I’ve ever seen all my life.

My Father came from a poor family but he is one of the popular people in our town because he is hard working and he helps people especially our neighbor during difficult times. He supports his wife and sometimes helps the house chores by cooking especially when my mother is sick. He really loved, cared and respects his wife always.

He was never ashamed to share his drawbacks to his family for us to gain lessons. He also boasts of his achievements for us to be encouraged and be proud for him.

He was truly my inspiration in life. I remember during my school days, he always attended classroom meetings and never fail to teach us good behavior. He goes to church every Sunday and never forgets to pray for thanksgiving and forgiveness.

I am so blessed to have a father like him. I am fortunate that I am one of his children. I admire him for he is my reason of happiness and joy. I thank God for giving me a very supportive and protective father. What I am today is because of him.

One thing for sure, I will apply all the lessons he taught me and inculcate it to my children that they will become morally driven persons. That someday, my children will have children who will be like my father.

I could still remember the words he would always say “Be the best person you could ever be”. My best adviser, my mentor, my shield and my FATHER. “HAPPY FATHERS DAY TATAY.”

      Administrative Assistant III