New Normal for Office Workers

The world trembles as the pandemic dominated our lives, it forces businesses, schools and offices closed.  Also, we are pressured to quickly adopt and adapt to new ways of working which is what we call “new normal”. One thing seems clear, traditional office life won’t ever be the same again.  What does the workplace look like in the COVID-19 era?

Health and Safety

The Department of Health (DOH), through its Interim Guidelines on Return to Work, has reminded the employers to “develop a work arrangement that will reduce the number of people in the workspace and also reduce the need to travel, including work from home arrangements to those task can be done at home,  and among employees at high risks”.  Leave of absence is also available to provide job protection to those who need to take time away from work due to health or family care issues related to COVID-19 or who are required or self- isolate or quarantine to comply with public health directives. DoH also added that workplace facilities shall screen returning employees/ workers for influenza like symptoms, Temperature checks and proper disinfection of inbound and outbound person shall be strictly implemented. Lastly, giving importance to hygiene promotion, environmental cleaning, disinfection, physical distancing, health education, and other public health and safety measures is a must.

Why should I follow?

These new rules are sometimes ridiculous who may have thought that some people we socialize with are positive or asymptomatic? We may be complacent at times but COVID-19 is no joke! It exists and victimized a lot of people around the globe! It’s time to open our eyes and follow the new rules because this is only for our safety, which includes our family.

The new normal is somewhat challenging, putting facemasks every day, hand washing and sanitizing all the time, social distancing in a small office space how much more in a grocery store or at the market, temperature checks every entrance and many more. This is what we are willing to do just to avoid risking our health and others. Government agencies, private agencies, small and big business continue to formulate rules and policies relative to COVID-19 prevention and control. Labor policies continue to adapt to changing environmental circumstances, with the end view of helping everyone.

By: Jenilyn P. Canonigo