New Normal of Education

Is the Philippines ready for education during this pandemic?

The entire world is struck with the devastating phenomenon that threatens and ends millions of lives; it greatly affects not just only the economic, social, and health sectors of the world but also in the education sector. In the Philippine setting, it is obvious that COVID-19 hampers the day-to-day living of the Filipinos, Parents, and students who are greatly affected by it. The big question is. Is the Educational System in the Philippines ready to face and step on the new portals of this New Normal education adopting different teaching modalities?

Many concerns were brought up to the congress and many gave their suggestions. Parents were also asked if the opening of classes will continue. These concerns were given attention in the country when our beloved President of the Philippines announced that if there will be no vaccine, face to face classes will still be suspended. However, the President supported the platform and solutions presented by the Secretary of the Department of Education about the new mode of teaching in education. There they announce that there will be no face to face classes on August 24, 2020, but the opening of classes will continue through a blended type of teaching.

Blended learning is a type of teaching modalities where parents or students have the privilege to choose any type of modalities they want based on their accessibilities. One modality is in the form of modular learning where parents are tasked to come to a certain institution where their child is enrolled to get the different modules with a specified schedule. These modules will be provided by the Department of Education. It will then be reproduced by the teachers. The sad note for this type of teaching is that it is a great burden to the parents for they need to come to the school, particularly to those parents with a hectic schedule. They can also choose online learning, where students need to sign in an online platform created by the adviser or subject teacher where they can communicate, discuss, and learn. One example of this is the Google Classroom. However, many instances could hinder the students to use this such as the availability of gadgets, location, and internet connection. Students can also choose tv and radio broadcasting, depending on the availability of resources. Thus, it is the supreme role of the teacher to be flexible and resilient enough to cope up with the needs of the students for holistic learning to happen.

The great challenge is in the hands of everybody, what we can do is to stand as one, help each other, cooperate with the laws implemented and overcome the different hurdles we are experiencing in the new normal.

Project Development Officer II