On Feeling Appreciated

Appreciation is recognizing or acknowledging the value to something.  There are several ways of showing gestures of appreciation to anyone. An option of expressions through words, simple tap of one’s shoulder or a thumbs up, at times extending effort in giving of something. Whichever way it is expressed, it is very important.  No one knows the impact of such gestures or expressions to the person concerned. The challenge though is the level of doing based one’s heart condition.

Nowadays, in this busy world, appreciation is oftentimes forgotten to be expressed.  People tend to rush in everything they do.  They tend to keep on hurrying in almost everything they do to cope with the demands of time.  Thus, sometimes, one can no longer notice the presence of the other, and more so, cannot be able to express their appreciation to anyone.

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected” –author unknown.  Personally, this statement strikes me much.  Yes, it is true, there is really a feeling of self-worth and being important when appreciated may it be in a big accomplishment or a small one. I feel the same when given from the family setting, the community, the office or even with friends. Same emotion would be in the office when supervisors and heads need to express appreciation in whatever accomplishments done by its subordinates. I am pushed to do task out of my best, and look forward of giving out my best even to exceed of what is expected from me. 

Generally, people who always receive appreciation tends to be more responsible, has the sense to do more faithfully, and feel the value of self-worth and tend to give loyalty to the ones who gave the appreciation. Thus, relationship grows and harmony prevails as everyone strives to make ones best. In an office setting, appreciation pushes everyone to do more of what is expected, exert effort and make initiatives and it would greatly contribute to the output of the organization thus, achieving its goals and objectives through performance excellence.

Cheryl Jane C. Peñalosa