On Leading and Learning

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other – John F. Kennedy. 

Leadership demands being a responsible, determined, decisive, and strong-willed person.  On the other hand, leaders must know how to compromise when necessary.  Leaders must have good interpersonal and human relation skills as well. In any manner leaders are learning as they go along in leading.

March of 2015 when an opportunity knocks loudly at DepEd Malaybalay. When DepEd rationalization started its implementation through creation various non-teaching positions.Seemed everybody were busy and excited then.  Hesitant to submit my application documents for higher position such as this position that I occupied now – Administrative Officer IV / HRMO. Have this apprehension that I might not be able to meet the expectations of the Office, and the people around.  I have the fear of falling short in performing the tasks and functions of an HRMO and cannot attend to the responsibilities attached to the position.

The weapon I had were only my thirteen (13) years’ experience in the government service and influenced by my spiritual belief that if God wills it, it will happen and be given to you in His time.  These strengthen my weaknesses when I found myself not worthy, not expert in leading, not the best should I say when I handled other groups.  But in my heart if given the task or any responsibility, I have always this commitment, dedication in serving these young people as my way of giving back to God for all His goodness through serving His people in any ways possible. As I always believe GOD looks at the heart and do not focus on my flaws.

March 24, 2015, I was given the chance to serve as AO IV/HRMO. The journey was not easy.  At first, I lead a small group of neophyte employees with me as neophyte too in leading them. However, my previous experiences of applying for higher positions were really GOD’s ways to make me humble, to make more patient, to let me be fair and just in my everyday dealings.  These were how GOD prepared me for this mission. I am not perfect and I will never be but I have the heart to always seek for GOD’s wisdom, mercy and grace in what I do and will be doing.

For five (5) years now I am leading the group of the Personnel unit.  As the unit grows in number from 3 to 12 personnel, I feel I also grow professionally.  As time goes by different experiences I encountered some good, some not so good, and some really called me to kneel down before the Lord to ask for His wisdom and intervention.  I learned when to be strict and stricter.  I learned when to be mellow and considerate.  I learned from the various circumstances encountered, and the different personalities of the Personnel assigned from time to time.  I need to listen their side as well. These taught me many things and I learned from them all.  When this COVID 19 pandemic calls for a work from home arrangements, everybody faced a total change in many areas.  For me I tried to balance everything. I tried to consider the work not to be hampered or delayed and at the same time I’m thinking of the safety of those entrusted to me – the Personnel Unit staff.  When I gave my instructions I always weighed it and made adjustments.

Finally, I got struck with this quote from Jim Rohn that says, “The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly.”  As my journey in leading went by and by, with all the challenges, I am learning with so many things and in so many ways as well but these were not made possible without God’s mercy and grace. 

Guia Ma. G. Villahermosa
Administrative Officer IV-Personnel