On Seeing Opportunities

“Successful leaders see the opportunities in every difficulty rather than the difficulty in every opportunity.”    — Reed Markham

People see things in different perspective.  Some people see things on its bright and brilliant side or in other way around.  Whichever way one choose to see at things, circumstances, events, and even opportunities would greatly affect his way of life, way of dealing with people and with way of leading people.

Leaders are persons who lead, who initiate, who take risk, and who even empower others.  Anybody can be a leader in so many ways.  One can be effective and successful leader in our different arenas.  Some excels in leading offices, may it be in private institutions or in government agencies.  Some can be leaders in churches, in communities, and in own families and homes.

I am proud, I am a successful leader in my own way of nurturing my family and in raising up my kids.

For me, leading entails sacrifices. It is not all about smooth and good things to happen all the time. However, when   difficult and trying times strike me, I look at on the positive and brighter way it can give me.  When my patience and understanding are being tested and, one thing I always remember is to   hold on and not to give up but see the opportunity for me to grow, to learn, to experience new things, and  to explore which way is of best of help.  After all it is not only about leading, forming, guiding the people under my care but it widens opportunity to help one become a better, wiser, successful leader whichever field one is planted.

I feel, all these leadership opportunities amidst difficulties along this journey are applicable in my day to day mission.

Clementina O. Madronero