PADAYON: A Teacher Serye

Philippines is one of the affected countries who shifted into the new normal of living. A lot of changes have happened in many aspects of society since then. The medical field are suffering from lack of man power due to the deaths of many of our frontliners, the gap between the rich and the poor has widened and confusions regarding how the new academic school year would start during this pandemic.

As the Department of Education together with the Commission on Higher Education hinted the opening of classes in August, many has voiced out their grievances, point of views and opinions on the matter—learners, parents, and teachers even. How can we sustain academically during the advent of this new system of education? Can this address even those who are less privileged in life? Many questions have come across discussion boards especially on social media.

Unstable internet connection, lack of resources and gadgets, and poverty itself were the problems that most students and parents express as the new mode of learning is nearing its implementation. But even some teachers experience the same dilemmas as the learners. In fact, the teachers are juggling from one task to another just to make the opening of classes at least less of a burden for their learners.

In the new mode of education, learners can be categorized as those with stable connection with gadgets; those who has gadgets yet can not avail proper connection and the ones who does not possess any of the two, therefore depending on the new sets of modules that the teachers have worked hard for. While learners can pick their choice of learning modalities, the teachers through school’s initiation has to cater all of the modalities themselves. While they create interactive materials through websites and technology-based applications for the online category, they still need to create and update learning modules for those in another category. Then think and create requirements to make up for the possible knowledge that the students would have achieved during the normal face-to-face classes.

The pandemic has indeed brought new challenges for our educators, opinions and conflicted ideas are heard in the four corners of the country that somehow deepens the frustrations of many. Parents are confused because of the lack of education themselves. Indeed, the situation the worlds is facing has caused many to tire and worry even the teachers but never did they thought of giving up the calling of service that they once have taken oath of.

To all educators, let us not give up the conquest for learning deliveries even in times like this. It is true that this pandemic has created a lot of limitations for us and especially our learners and it is very easy to get anxious and unsure of what we should be doing, but instead, let us be patient, flexible and understanding of the circumstances that our learners and their families are facing.

Finally, learn to understand yourself, your body and capabilities. Rest if you need to. PADAYON on becoming the beaming light of hope that will show the students the path towards their greatest dreams and goals in life.

By Gladys L. Galido