Preparedness to work

Early morning, upon arrival at the office, everybody including myself is conscious of the time displayed on the bundy clock. It is important to set the time in our watch exactly the same in the office to avoid tardiness that would appear in the Logbook/ Daily Time Record (DTR).

No matter what time you arrive in the office, as Government Employee, you always have to be prepared for all the tasks assigned to you. Equip yourself with the knowledge and information relative to work to satisfy client’s query. Also, provide them always with a positive response as they leave the office.

Besides physical impression such as attractiveness, one’s passion and sincerity are the best assets that can be shared and contributed to sustain an implicit public service. You can also participate to any training that can significantly help you become a more of competitive, effective and efficient public servant.

Thus, preparing yourself to work is appropriate regardless of your job description. During office hours, occurrence of situations that will test one’s patience and dedication to service is natural. This is one way to show discernment and grasp an opportunity to share diligently our knowledge to everybody which will benefit our agency.

“Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation”, by Robert H. Schuller.

     ADAS 1