Problem Solving

We all get to meet different sorts of problem in our workplace, at home, or outside our comfort zone every day. Little by little, problems build up and slowly try to put us down. When time comes that we couldn’t handle these problems anymore, we tend to blame ourselves, and push ourselves into   depression, stress, and anxiety. We sometimes involve other people by putting the blame on  them just because we couldn’t solve problems on our own. Lucky for us, there are strategies and ways that we could use in order to solve problems; not with pens and papers, but with our own attitude and own perspective.

According to Dr. Rob Gilbert of Montclair State University, There are   two ways to handle a problem. One way works, the other way doesn’t. It’s your choice. Dr. Gilbert breaks how you could deal with a problem in two F’s, you could either choose to act Frustrated or Fascinated. It’s a matter of thinking of a problem outside the box. You don’t think of a problem as a problem, the real problem is how you handle a problem. Thinking of what you can do to solve a problem is   far better than   having an attitude on how to solve a problem. In addition, either we accept it or not, life is a continuous series of problem solving events. There are open sources and ideas available in our generation today, but in the end, we are the ones who could solve the kind of problems that could make and break us.

Dr. Gilbert’s secret on how to deal with problems is just one of those many ways that we could do in order for us to handle problems positively. We have books, media, internet, and people that surround us to be more well-informed on how we could carry daily hindrance to a better life. Clearly, avoiding problem is not one of those solutions. By escaping a problem, we just give it an opportunity to come back in our lives to disturb us over and over.  It is up to us if we handle it negatively, which would surely bring us into the sea of depression, stress, and anxiety; or positively, it challenges us to become more confident in handling problems in the future and to have   boldness in facing problems and difficulties that may come sooner or later to what may come sooner or later.

By: Rosie A. Salupado
Division Values Coordinator