Put Those Earbuds In

Hectic schedules and tight deadlines may be among the common stressors we experience in the workplace. These stressors appear to be inevitable but there are some beneficial things we can do to manage pulling our tasks off despite the demanding situations we are in, and one of these is listening to good quality music. This maybe unknown to some, but common anecdotal observations say that more people find situation-appropriate music relaxing and a positive driving force to carry out workloads.

According to a neuropsychologist, Dr. David Lewis, nine out of 10 employees perform better when listening to music since music increases work efficiency, mental well-being, and emotional state among workers (Davidson, 2016). The science behind this was made explicit by neuroscientists who recently advanced that listening to music releases dopamine, a chemical that increases happiness, in the reward center of the brain (Carter, 2020). This brain chemical triggers “goose bump moments” which subsequently amplifies positive emotions and motivation, relieves stress and anxiety, and aids memory and cognitive function.

Experts already gave preceding notions that considering the musical genre is significant in the increase of dopamine levels (Schooley, 2019). Though all experts agree that the most effective music genre varies from one person to another, it was recommended that the two best genres for productivity are the classical music and the sounds of nature for two reasons. First, the absence of lyrics lessens the occurrence of distraction and secondly, these genres are effective in elevating our feelings of joy as we get through the day.

Listening to our preferred music not only motivates us, but also increase our productivity in the workplace. It may not necessarily turn our workloads become easier and lighter, but it sets us to the right attitude and mood to get the job done. Music covers us with tranquility when we begin to get drowned by the workload. Ultimately, music keeps us joyful as we juggle through the hustle and bustle of the day. The next time you feel stressed, drained and unproductive, grab your phone, scan through your best playlist, and put those earbuds in.

Administrative Assistant III