Record Keeping: A Great Responsibility

Record keeping is a great responsibility. This requires patience and perseverance. One has to put records in its proper place for easy access. A document has to be placed in a folder properly labelled based on the content. In most cases folders or record books are alphabetically arranged in shelves.  This manner of records keeping has been practiced for decades. It has been the manner done in a record section of an office.

How about these days, are records still kept in record books placed in shelves? Could people say that record books on shelves no longer exist?

Bookshelves are indispensable tools in record keeping. It is still found in offices as old records are kept in it. Though with the advent of technological approaches, recent records are kept in software’s in systematic methods. This recent practice on records keeping is commonly practiced today but could we guarantee the safety of such records? Could anyone among us say that such manner is the safest way to keep important documents? What if somebody accidentally losses such record or deletes it from where it is?

Based on this, we could say that it is always safe to keep records in the safest manner. Where are these places? When could we say that such are the safest manner of record keeping?

There are a lot of things to consider for our records to be safe in places where they are. These may be safe in software’s or in record books arranged in shelves but the safest way of having it all times is for the record clerk or keeper to always bear in mind the risk of losing such things because if this happens, problems will occur and such is so difficult to solve. Therefore, it is a big responsibility to keep it and think of it at all times. Record keeping is not an easy task; it is one of our greatest responsibilities.

By: Anavella Villarin Rivera