Rekindling Patience on Clerical War

Patience is the best weapon to fight against war on clerical jobs. We tend to meet plenty of challenges that need immediate action to achieve a fulfilling remark from our clients. Others think that our task is easy. But they do not know that behind that simplicity of our work, we fight for excellence of service.

I believe that doing clerical job is really challenging. We were given specific job descriptions to accomplish but along the way, we realize that everything is not only on job description for it is tied up with virtues of good public service. A service that demands patience not just for appreciation from our clients but for self-satisfaction and self-fulfillment.

For me, patience is the essential trait that we must uphold in rendering our services. Every day, we are expected to do familiar or different clerical jobs. We also need to face people with different attitudes and approaches that we must understand so as to fulfill their purpose. Sometimes, a bulk of work is seemingly insurmountable to comply for the day for time is not enough to achieve perfection of our work. We also need to conquer other related works and responsibilities that may demand extra time and effort. It is then a clerical war that challenges our strength, endurance, commitment, passion and love of work where patience is the beacon for the success of everything.

Yes, everybody has that patience! But to fulfill our duties in this most challenging world, one needs to rekindle that patience with that feeling of grasping our last opportunity to render the best services to our clients. I believe it is the only weapon for us to achieve a healthful working environment among our colleagues in the service and to the people whom we are serving.

Indeed, patience makes one the most humble, loved and respected person no matter where you are positioned. When you are pulled down, look high up to your Creator and be patient for He prepares a better one than what you desire. In dealing with your work, speed up with patience for everything is in good place if things are done joyfully and patiently. In dealing with clients, accommodate them with patience even if sometimes they are not accommodating because no one is ever perfect in this world, after all, your happiness in dealing with them comes from how you think about them. Patience then makes great sense to make us more mature and happy individual.

So let us make sure that the fire of patience in us will be rekindle for in the end, it pays.

By: Ma. Theresa C. Amacanin