Remain Active with Badminton

For months we experienced lesser physical activities due to possible exposure to risks for COVID 19.  Athletes had not played their favorite sports because tournaments were postponed. Sports clinics had also been cancelled which prevented aspiring athletes to learn and improve their skills. These and more have surely leveled down the healthy and active lifestyle we used to enjoy.  But do not be dismayed, Badminton will save our day.

Badminton is a non-contact sport. For as long as the minimum public health standards are properly observed, players are deemed safe to play the sport. In fact, as per IATF Resolution No. 38 s. 2020 it is one of the sports allowed to be played during this pandemic. So, come join me and hoping that these following points will help me convince you:

Rules of the game are easy to master.   Beginners easily improve their understanding of the game even after just one match. 

Affordable Equipment.  Players shall only need a racket. For those who are only starting out, you may opt for a price range that is affordable and appropriate for your level of expertise. 

A Social Sport.  The game may be played by 2 or 4 members which makes it a great way to bond with your family and friends and meeting new people in the court as well. You may take turns in playing not noticing that you have spent with the group for hours.

Improve Physical Fitness. Since Badminton is considered as the fastest racket sport, it is expected to increase flexibility and speed, improve cardiovascular fitness, enhance hand-eye coordination and burn off large number of calories.

Boost Mental Health.  This sport increases endorphins which lowers stress levels and anxiety.  It also allows you to keep your mind off from the regular problems of everyday life because it requires you to focus your attention and awareness to the game especially when playing doubles.

So even if we are at this unfortunate time of pandemic, when our favorite sports are prohibited and sports events are cancelled, there is no reason for us to stay on our couch all day and sit. Let us get up, play and remain active with Badminton.

Ranier M. Rosalejos
Teacher II, Casisang SHS