Research in Basic Education

The issuance of DepED Order 16 s. 2017, the Research Management Guideline gives a clear path on how to conduct research in basic education in the Philippine public-school setting. The research initiative in the Department of Education sustains its progressive orientation by ensuring that actions made through the integration of policies and programs were guided by sound, relevant and evidence-based process through the conduct of research.

The Basic Education Governance Act of 2001 accentuates the role of research in the management and administration of the basic education system with a mandate to strive in strengthening research in basic education. Such efforts include various research initiatives under the Basic Education Research Agenda (BERA).

The creation of the Policy Research Division (PRD) under the Rationalization Plan promotes and oversees the vertical and horizontal conduct of education research in the department across all governance level to conduct, support, and manage empirical studies, and thereby promote evidence-based decision and policy-making at various levels.

Research in basic education aims to inform actions to be made through policy making, improvement of practice in the classroom setting, human resource development for effective governance.  It is anchored on the following principles:

  • an academic tool in facilitating learning for Knowledge Building
  • an aid to educational innovation in changing times
  • a means to comprehend educational Issues and growth of public awareness on issues related to educative process
  • a mechanism in establishment of the authenticity and veracity of classroom and workplace practices

In the educational point of view, research extends beyond having an impressive reward for it develops both education practitioner’s and students critical thinking skills, analytical ability, and communication skills that are needed to become globally competitive. Educational research grows its popularity in the advent of the implementation of the K to 12 curricula for it highlights the importance of connecting knowledge with practical application. In order to function well in educational endeavors, research becomes the lifeblood of operation to become effective and efficient in the quest of providing basic quality education.

Senior Education Program Specialist
Division of Malaybalay City